The faction known as the Wu Lin is made up of warriors from ancient China, who now travel west seeking vengeance from war, betrayal, and personal tragedies.

After The Cataclysm, China descended into hundreds of years of civil war. Of all the factions partaking in the civil war, the Wu Lin have begun to rise to the top. But even they have begun to splinter after so many years of conflict. Many of their warriors have begun to travel west, each with their own reason ranging from honor and glory to exile and disgrace.



Emblem Significance

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  • Violet
  • Gold


Hero Appearance Class Description
Tiandi Marching Fire Tiandi Vanguard The Tiandi are loyal protectors to Kings, Queens, and Emperors. They are masters of the Dao blade, the weapon of choice for these Royal Guards.
Jiang Jun Marching Fire Jiang Jun Heavy The Jiang Jun are generals among the Ancient Chinese armies. They are wise leaders who have mastered the Guandao.
Nuxia Marching Fire Nuxia Assassin The Nuxia are trained bodyguards and assassins who often disguised their talents through dance. They are deadly artists of the hook swords.
Shaolin Marching Fire Shaolin Hybrid The Shaolin are fierce warrior monks known for their athletic, monkey-like fighting style, and their prowess with a staff. They hold their written prayers close to them at all times.



Their armor typically consists of decorated lamellar or metal plate armor, combined with or hidden under their ornate cloth uniform.


  • Dao - Chinese broadsword that can slice apart enemies in a few elegant cuts.
  • Hookswords - versatile weapons that have blades at the bottom of their handles, bladed guards, and hooks at the end to ensnare enemy weapons.
  • Guandao - a Chinese halberd with a long wooden shaft and a large blade at its end.
  • Staff - a long flexible pole that can pummel enemies in a flurry of strikes.

Notable Wu LinEdit

  • Shidou - a former Tiandi who gave into his conceitedness, causing the death of his family and the fall of the kingdom.
  • Ying - a Tiandi who guarded the Queen closely, but later disgraced by a crime she had not committed.
  • Lin Yao - a former assassin who hides no more her lethality after being betrayed by the empire she swore fidelity to.
  • Guan Yu - a legendary general who seeks the thrill of battle as well as his swan song.
  • Wei Chang - a monk who survived his monastery's massacre, now fighting to preserve lost prayers and honor his brothers.





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