The Viking clan was never officially named but they were, for a period of time, the most prominent clan in Valkenheim.

Overview Edit

The exact name of the clan in unknown, but they used the symbol of the wolf as their emblem. They were once one of the more powerful Viking clans with the Warborn and Crow clans serving under them.

They were responsible for many Knight defeats, nearly overtaking Harrowgate, and occupying the Ashfeld Moor. They were also in charge of defending its southern entrance, controlling Gränsgård, Dalborg, and Svengård.

The Warborn and Crow clans were assigned to guard Dalborg under the Wolf's banner.

After the fall of Svengård, the Wolf clan suffered with the rest of the Vikings. With the loss of several prominent locations, the Wolves lost a significant amount of their power and the clans serving them would gain independence.

It is unknown if they were ultimately destroyed or inducted into the Warborn.

Notable Members Edit

Legions Iron BStone Lion Crown Militia
Clans WarbornSymbol Bear Claw Bird WolfClan
Houses Chosen Seijuro RanjaSymbol Oni Kizan-0 Imperial
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