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Weather refers to the variation of condition a map can have, from snowy days to morning dawn to dark nighttime, that changes the feel of battle. Also known as Map Variation, Weather is tied to the faction that theoritically owns the map, placing them near the mountains in Ashfeld, the snowy tundra of Valkenheim or the swamps of the Myre. As a result, the vegetation and the scenery can change greatly depending on the Weather that placed upon a map.

There are a set of weather patterns that can be applied to all factions, but as mentioned above, each faction has their own more exclusive weather conditions.

Each map page will list what are the possible weathering for that location.

The weather variation of the map is determined by the location of where the gamemode is located. If a player plays a game of dominion that is on the border of Valkenheim and Ashfeld, the maps will feature weather from those two regions.

Day Cycle

Aside from weather pattern, there are four select day cycles (time-of-day) a map can take place in: Day, Dusk, Night or Dawn. All the factions have access to at least three of these cycles.


Day.png The time-of-day is in the day time, usually around noon or the afternoon. This is one of the two default time-of-day if there is a weather condition for the map that is not the "clear" weather.

Compared to Night, Day is bright, causing torches on the map to just be cosmetic.


Dusk.png The time-of-day is right as the sun is setting, usually a bit after sundown. As a result, while it isn't as dark as Night, it is still dark enough that torches are helpful visual aids.


Night.png As the name states, the time-of-day is in the night time, possibly around midnight. This is one of the two default time-of-day if there is a weather condition for the map that is not the "clear" weather.

Compared to Day, Night is dark to reflect the time-of-day, thus torches burn bright, giving vision on the battlefield.


Dawn.png The time-of-day is right before the sun is coming up on the horizon at sunrise. As a result, while it isn't as light-out as Day, but it is bright enough that the morning fog is settling.



Clear refers to straight-forward weather where there isn't any obstruction aside from a few clouds. This kind of weather is never listed with the "clear" prefix, instead being implied if the weather simply indicates nothing bu the time of day.


Foggy refers to when clouds are hanging low, creating fog around the map. This is different from cloudy where you can still see far away structures off-map.


As its name states, Rainy refers to when it is raining on the map. This causes the map to be rather wet, giving a feeling that you can slip on the stone floors. This is one of two weather patterns restricted to the Myre.


Snowy refers to when the forecast is cold with snow having fallen on the ground. This is a weather pattern strictly for Valkenheim.


Compared to the mild rain offered with Rainy, Stormy is when the rain is even more powerful, with lightning audible in the distance. This is one of two weather patterns restricted to the Myre.


Cloudy weather is much like Rainy weather, except there isn't any rain falling or wet floors. This tends to make the map slightly darker even if it is daytime.


Depending on the intended location of the map between the three factions, the out-of-map boundaries will capture a different scenery.


Locations set in Ashfeld tend to have tall mountains that are visible in the far distance, with green vegatation up their slopes and clear peaks. If there are bodies of water, they tend to be shallow with some exceptions. There are a few exceptions such as the Cindermill.


Locations within the harsh winters of Valkenheim are always blanketed with a thin bit of snow, even if the weather is not set to "Snowy." As a result, trees are always bare with large lakes sometimes visible with icebergs.


Locations in the Myre are always surrounded by the swamp and muddy floors. While there are a lot more trees and vegetation, they are usually overgrown. Just like Valkenheim, one some Myre variations, it might be slight foggy or even lightly drizzling, even if the map isn't "Foggy" or "Rainy" respectively.



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