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Weather refers to the variation of condition a map can have, from snowy days to morning dawn to dark nighttime, that changes the feel of battle. Also known as Map Variation, Weather is tied to the faction that theoritically owns the map, placing them near the mountains in Ashfeld, the snowy tundra of Valkenheim or the swamps of the Myre. As a result, the vegetation and the scenery can change greatly depending on the Weather that placed upon a map.

There are a set of weather patterns that can be applied to all factions, but as mentioned above, each faction has their own more exclusive weather conditions.

Each map page will list what are the possible weathering for that location.

Day Cycle Edit

Aside from weather pattern, there are four select day cycles a map can take place in: Day, Dusk, Night or Dawn. All the factions have access to at least three of these cycles.


Dusk Edit

Night Edit

Dawn Edit

Condition Edit

Clear Edit

Clear refers to straight-forward weather where there isn't any obstruction. These kind of weathers are never listed with the "clear" prefix and will simply state "Day" or "Night."

Foggy Edit

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Cloudy Edit

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