The Warborn are one of the most prominent Viking clans.


The Warborn are one of the most notable Viking clans in Valkenheim. The Warborn are especially old, as one member brags to a Crow Viking that the former group makes the latter look like "pups". Over time, they would grow and size and prominence, uniting several Viking clans under their banner, and would eventually launch The Great Raid.

The Warborn is actually composed of several Viking clans. The phrase 'Warborn clans' is actually the coalition of clans led by the Warborn. The clans who serve under the Warborn do so either because they recognize they could not beat the Warborn in battle, or because they were defeated by the Warborn in battled and so pledged their fidelity.

History Edit

The Warborn are one of the oldest Viking clans. However, they were not the most powerful. At first they were one of the lesser clans serving under an unnamed clan.

Alongside the Crow Clan, the Warborn defended Dalborg against Mercy, albeit unsuccessfully. When Apollyon succeeded in destroying the food at Svengård, the Warborn starved along with the other Viking clans.

The Rise Edit

With all the clans starving, they would turn on each other.

When Ragnar began pillaging his fellow Vikings for food, The Raider came down from his home in the mountains and joined the Warborn to lead the charge against Ragnar. The Warborn killed the rogue Viking and most of his followers before proceeding to recruit the survivors and redistribute the food across Valkenheim. They go out and begin uniting all the Viking clans under their banner. The last clan was the Bear Claw Clan lead by Siv the Ruthless. The Raider defeats her in battle, freeing Warborn prisoners and absorbing her clan.

With the clans united, the Warborn began to take back the lands held by the Blackstone Legion such as Odingård. While going through the plunder, Stigandr sees loot taken from the Samurai. He declares that they would raid the Myre and the Samurai. This would come to be known as The Great Raid.


The Warborn are righteous in their morals, believing they fight for all of Valkenheim. They offered mercy in exchange for surrender to Ragnar's forces, and returned the stolen food to those in need.

Notable MembersEdit

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