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A once thriving fishing village has become a battlefield. The cobbled streets run red with blood and the clash of steel echoes down to the water. The mead-hall at the top of the main street holds a deadly secret where it once held merriment and laughter.


Everything in this village is built within wooden walls, against a waterfront. Warriors can access through the cliff side or entrance gate on the sides, or go in through the front door through the village center. On one side of the map is the Viking Hall, where on the interior is a place once used for celebration. Within this Hall though is one more nasty surprise. With a singe pull of a lever, a spike barrel will be dropped and roll out the front door, through the village center, past the boat workshop, and down to the docks where it'll fall into the water, crushing anyone in its way. If warriors do not dare take the main path then they can access the aforementioned side paths with passing the arsenal tower or by traveling down the ramparts from the docks.


  • Rampart & Tower
  • Docks
  • Crane
  • Village center
  • Boat workshop
  • Arsenal tower
  • Entrance gate
  • Cliff side
  • Viking hall


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