The Vanguard is one of four playable types of Heroes in For Honor. Wielding what could be called the symbol of their faction, they are well-balanced warriors with good attack and defense capabilities.

While not as tanky as the Heavies or as fast as the Assassins, the Vanguard's jack-of-all-trades nature grants them the flexibility to put themselves on equal grounds against the more specialized Hero type. When together with allies, they can fulfill a multitude of roles including offensive, defensive, and disruption when the time calls for them to adapt.


Most well-rounded of all types, the Vanguards are fittingly leaders of their faction. While they don't excel at any specific role, their simple but versatile kit allows them to stem into any role throughout battle. They are also meant to be beginner-friendly, thus will not rely on anything too complex or overwhelming to be an adequate combatant. However, this does not mean they are ill-suited for advance play, as they do have advance move sets that allow them to remain viable when used by seasoned players.

Vanguards perform well in Dominion due to their efficiency in all key aspects of the mode: killing soldiers on the front line, dueling enemy heroes, and capturing/defending zones.

Heroes of the FactionsEdit

The Vanguard heroes in For Honor are:

  • The Wardens are the embodiment of the noble knights, wielding their impressive longsword which offers a balance between offense and defense. Together with swift sword strikes, the Warden will charge forward with their shoulder to knock unsuspecting enemies off-balance.
  • The Raiders embody the spirit of the Vikings as they wade into battle with their great Dane axe. They are faceted with disruptive attacks as they dish out high amounts of damage with each blow. Above all, their throw is the most impressive among all Heroes, carrying their foe on their shoulder over long distances.
  • The Kensei are the living incarnation of the Bushidō, the samurai way of the warrior. Armed with the long Nodachi and a heavy set of armor from their homeland, the Kensei fights patiently, striking with powerful and precise strikes worthy of their name of "sword saint."
  • The Tiandi are loyal protectors to Kings, Queens, and Emperors, thus are face of their faction's military might. Masters of the Dao blade, their weapon of choice, the Tiandi gracefully dance as they cut up their opponents, while uniquely fighting best when their health is low.
  • The Warmongers are vicious wolves clad in full plate armor, grandiose in how they wield the flamberge Greatsword. Fighting in the same image as who they worship, Apollyon, they also bring with them a special weapon that helps them isolate their target unless they wish to die with their friends.


  • Aside from the Tiandi and Warmonger, Vanguards are unlocked for all players.
  • Vanguards are not gender-locked, likely because they are the Heroes that introduce new players to the game, whereas locking genders will limit their customization potential thus possible interest for a player to invest time into the Hero.
    • This has been changed with the release of Warmonger during the mid-season of Year 4 Season 2, who is a female-only Vanguard Hero.
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