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The frozen lands up north known as Valkenheim is the home of the Vikings.



Whether it is considered a winter wonderland or a frozen hell, Valkenheim is a massive tundra. While the trees have grown into a vast forest, smaller plants struggle to survive. Food is scarce, forcing the tribes to store all of it in Svengård and distribute it among the clans.

Ancient statues from a forgotten time dot the landscape. Statues of their gods and warriors can be seen in the cliff faces.

Plant life is rather sparse. Trees have been able to thrive but smaller plants struggle. As a result, farming is particularly difficult.

Valkenheim is surrounded by natural barriers with a river and mountain range facing Ashfeld, the fortress of Gränsgård guarding the only way in, and the sea of Austramar facing The Myre.


After The Cataclysm, the Vikings declared war on the Knights of Ashfeld in a desperate attempt to get resources. This war raged for years. However, the Vikings one day just vanished, retreating up North and out of Valkenheim. Soon, tales of the Vikings became little more than myth. Needing more room to expand and grow, the Knights began traveling upwards into Valkenheim. As they cleared the land, they soon found the ruins of the Viking civilization, discovering the stories of the Vikings were true.[1] Not long after, the Vikings returned to reclaim their old land.[2] They drove the Knights from Valkenheim. After years of war, the Vikings were pushed out of Ashfeld. But they chose not to continue attacking. Peace soon fell upon the land. Unfortunately, Mount Rust erupted and its ash blocked out the sun. Crops and animals died, forcing the Vikings to begin raiding Ashfeld for resources once more. With the Vikings' return, they managed to claim several outposts along its border and began pushing inward but the Blackstone Legion repelled them once more.

With the renewal of the Great War, Valkenheim is under constant threat of invasion from their Knight and Samurai neighbors.

Notable Locations

  • Gränsgård - The gate into Valkenheim.
  • Svengård - A moderately fortified village that serves as a food and grain storage for all the tribes.
  • Grön - The village Ragnar made his home after being spared.
  • Skällaborg - A high fort serving as the base for Siv and her Bear Claw clan.
  • Dalborg - A small outpost on a plateau that controls the bridge crossing the valley.
  • Odingård - The shipyard where The Great Raid was launched from.