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Hello, I am Green Moriyama.

To keep things brief, I play on the West US server (if there are servers).


I am a contributor on this Wikia and a big... "disccusor" of the game? How to describe? I like to criticize games and think creatively. Sadly, I'm not really a content creator outside making stories and Hero/character concepts, so I wouldn't call myself an outright "content creator." I do know that I like to discuss balance, creativity and anything to help the game, all constructively, even when I am not exactly "top tier" as people think is necessary for these kinds of thoughts. Otherwise, For Honor has had a special place in my heart ever since I got back into it in the Summer of 2018 because of its potential and combat, but definitely because unlike a lot of other games I play, For Honor is not plagued with either a flawed monetary system or competitive scene as I see in many Western Games, or sexualization.

I am most especially excited for Y4 of the Reckoning, seeing that Y3 did kind of dissipate in a bland way. While Hitokiri is less oppressive, she is still not fun to play against. Jorm is still the odd OOS bully that I find unhealthy as a gameplay element. Zhanhu is cool on paper, but with a rather weak and non-fluid kit, it's hard to get into the Hero even for his awesome fashion.

There will be 2 new Heroes, plus a new set of armor sometime in 2020. I find that "Battle Pass" may not be a good way to call itself that, because it probably functions differently than what one thinks of a Battle Pass. The purchased one may have exclusive stuff, but it will still be accessible by the normal crowd, just by Steel.

Otherwise, I'm a Shugoki, Kensei and Highlander main. Funny how they are the three "slowest" Heroes in the game.


Below is a tentative list of what projects need to be done on the wikia. Most are meant to streamline content, but others are meant to fill stubby pages.

  • Feats page
  • Executions
  • Pull Gear pages for each Hero together into "families" and lines (Weapons based on rarity; armor based on family)
  • Streamlined event pages.
    • Some older events or patch pages are lengthy (Age of Wolves omg) or rather short (The Ice Festival one).
  • Update movesets and other data for Heroes, as some are outdated
    • Improve wording of moveset/ability pages, since the objective should be to make it understandable, not jut a copy-paste job of official pages
    • Done, but should double check pages
  • Hopefully get categories in order too
  • Trivia for hero pages, including translations of their quotes/emotes/executions. Made universal Quotes page for common lines shared between Heroes.
  • Movement speed update so that we follow percentage instead of m/s (which has fluctuated in value). Movement speed page made in reaction to/support of this.
  • Add map images for maps that show mode specific items, along with a general "directions and navigation" map.
  • Add a page for Ansel.
  • Add Perks to Heroes' pages
  • and more...


  • Some Heroes need rework or changes, even if they have had such recently.
    • Warlord: Warlord has been improved overtime, but it doesn't change how stale his moveset can feel as he lacks initiation tools and mix-ups that would make him feel good. For this reason, I feel some things need to be changed or added to his kit to make it feel he has more to offer that isn't over shadowed by other Heroes.
      • Headbutt or a Shield Bash (akin to the Parry's Shield Bash) can be implemented mid-chain akin to Shugoki.
      • Replace some instances of Headbutt into Shield Bash. For this reason, Shield Bash can also be followed up with a Stab.
        • Add Shield Bash as a Soft-feint option for Heavy Openers.
      • Akin to Conqueror, let Board and Blade become Unblockable if Warlord blocks an attack. Also can enter Full Block as a soft feint for Heavies.
      • Akin to Black Prior, can enter Full Block Stance while Blocking attacks.
      • Increase Uninterruptible properties on Heavy Openers so that they are 300ms long each than 200ms.
      • Add a minor pinning property to Stabs. With their low recovery, this will help them when trying to follow up with a Chain Starter.
        • Now has a Forward Dodge Light that is functionally a Stab. For this reason, it isn't Enhanced, but can lead into a Shield Bash if it lands.
    • Aramusha: The one thing that comes up with Aramusha is that once you can shutdown his blitz chain offense that isn't actually that fast... well, he has nothing to offer than his counters... which sounds horrible, as if Aramusha is meant to mince newbs for days. That should be changed, right? But of course, there is the fact that Bots regularly are able to time their Blade Blockade better than most, which should be fixed; meanwhile, I don't find his infinite attack style playing well to his fantasy, although others may disagree... now I'm lost as to what I'd do with Aramusha than maybe giving them a female variant as noted below.
      • Couple things that come to mind is offering a Ring the Bell from neutral, together with allowing him to attack from side to side, as long as it's not the same side.
    • Peacekeeper: That buff of "enhanced lights on Bleed targets" did a good number in making her more fun to play. I do wish she had more in chain variance, but I will say, I am more pleased now than before.
    • Raider: Initially, I felt new Raider was oppressive, but Ubi has answered that with some much needed nerfs to his Stamina and Tap (maybe overkill with making Stunning Tap into Storming Tap). Now, his damage still feels grossly high, so if that can be tuned down, it would be appreciated. Some adjustments to his animations (especially the soft feint one) too, since some are oddly slow, others are too distracting.
    • Tiandi is a Vanguard who I find is fine, and the second Vanguard I'd play of the four. But a few quality of life changes could improve play-ability and return some power the Hero lost upon release. One would be to make Tiandi the dodge specialist he was meant to be: make it so that soft feinting aren't as costly, they reduced the soft feint dodge costs, but they still should make it easy to access dodge attacks via pressing Heavy or Light or Dodge, not Dodge out then Heavy or Light; this would help keeping Tiandi as an "easy" hero, because soft-feinting dodges seems more technical than the soft feint of other Vanguard Heroes. Letting his dodge attack frames have more i-frames (but not as much as it had before release) would also be nice. An unblockable attack would be nice too, because all Vanguards thus far has had them... but I don't know where to put it...
      • Speaking of Vanguards, I'd mention Warden, because after much review, him being relient on his Shoulder Bash is a real downer when he's supposed to be master of the longsword. For that reason, some refocusing of more chains and sword-based attacks would be appreciated. Would also be great if his Crushing Counter was not so... punishing (holy smokes, 40 on a Crushing Counter, plus a guaranteed follow up Top Light for 55 total!?).
    • Jiang Jun: I may be a minority in this, but I still believe that some of JJ's animation need a change, especially his light attacks. His light attack animations, compared to other Heroes, are the least different from his Heavy Attack animation. I could just block, but when my mind plays tricks on me, my reaction does not pick up until it's too late for me to react.
      • Playing as him also has felt counter-intuitive, as I am not able to use his stance well... but that may be just a "haven't played him enough" issue than any issue with his gameplay. Maybe... it would be better if he received Stamina through other means instead of it being locked behind an active skill that you have to consciously realize "I can gain Stamina." I don't have this issue when I heal with Shugo's hug as that is more akin to an offensive active skill, not a defensive skill.
      • I also will admit to taking issue that him getting Stamina gain even while he is doing the step-back animation seems unfair in that you get rewarded either way for using the step-back.
    • Hitokiri... is a Hero I like to play, but has a few places I wish were different. Mostly in the way her Light Finisher works, and how her Zone and dash attack (Sankotsu) operate. I am alright with a nimble fighter, but Hitokiri is more acrobatic than what should be said for the large axe she wields. The moves above make the weapon so weightless beyond belief. Not grossly outrageous anime-style, but they just feel... off. Of course, this can also be my complaint about their speed (especially the zone), but to me, nothing feels great when a move is solely faster to be viable while throwing other aspects (mostly the feel of the move) out the window.
    • Jorm... needs a rework. Why even make a Hero relient on the OOS game that is oppressive as ever? Doesn't help that all of Jorm's power budget is in that OOS game, and not in the rest of the kit. Plus playing as Jorm can feel stale. Let that mid-chain punch be chargeable but also be chained into Finishers.
    • The newest Hero, Zhanhu... is looking weak. Not in strength, but in appeal. Amidst their good fashion, the Zhanhu does not live to his role as "Dodge Attack specialist" just like how Tiandi doesn't live up to being "the Dodge specialist." Some ideas have been to make all chain attacks also seem like Dodge attacks, while also making it so that Side Dodge Lights can come from any direction, while Side Dodge Heavies are their own move (or make it so that the Side Dodge Heavies soft feint into a light just like JJ). And get those recoveries in shape, since Zhanhu suffers so much from being wonky. His most fluid transitions are with his Zone which busts his Stamina in a few hits...
    • Animation fixes for the following Heroes:
      • Warden: Dash Heavy and Shoulder Bash
      • JJ: Lights and side dodge heavies
      • Raider: stunning tap and other animations
      • Hitokiri: Zone, dash heavy, Lights
      • Jorm: Heavies and emotes
    • Bots in general: I still believe bots need some (or a lot of) tuning, as I complain in many games. Bots as they are construct too much artificial difficulty, causing people to not treat them as opponents and more as dummies to say "this is unreal" or "this is too easy" with no in-between. This could possibly be changed with some more complex coding to how they behave, along with the non-reliance on making them react so perfectly to be "hard" or "challenging." Doesn't help with a lvl1 bot blocks and dodges better than most low rank players, since player behavior does not function off "I am able to dodge, but cannot block." Having skills of the bots be based off of a % is also not what I would call ideal, since it doesn't make their interaction organic nor really as consistent. As one may know in gambling: 50% doesn't mean that you will automatically hit in one of two interactions, as the second one can still "miss."
      • Solutions: spread out bot levels into 5 levels than 3 to reduce the difference between the bots' difference in strength. Also make sure moves are heavily evaluated so that they reflect human behavior, not a "I succeed X percent of the time" and let bots react with "errors" so that they are not too predictable.
      • Bot levels idea:
        • Level 1: Will use basic combos and know how to block, although "slow" in reaction. Will try to use special moves, but not to their full extent. Won't dodge, parry or feint/soft-feint.
        • Level 2: Will start to use more than the basics, include dash attacks. Still can't dodge or parry well, but will make a poor effort. Blocking reaction has improved.
        • Level 3: Will start to use hero specific tools, such as Full Block moves for Shield Heroes, along with soft-feints. Will also start using feats, on top of being really good at blocking (parrying moves that were performed from neutral even), and even dodging if their kit benefits from it turning into a dodge attack.
        • Level 4: At this point will be able to get counter attacking properly, such as using Crushing Counter of Uninterruptible to their advantage. Will know when to dodge or parry, while blocking is mostly guaranteed when capable. Start to hard feint moves.
        • Level 5: Almost perfect defense game, while using the kit to its fullest extent.
  • Genderlock. I do believe some Heroes should have their genders unlocked. I don't believe any current unlocked Hero needs to have their gender locked. Essentially, I don't mind one or two Heroes being locked per faction, one for Wu Lin since the faction is small.
    • Non-lock:
      • Aramusha: Aramusha is one I argue shouldn't be Male locked. The Ronin may always be seen pop culturally as male only, but the Samurai warriors, just like their For Honor counterparts, were not always male only. That became dominant during the Japanese medieval era. One can also argue, if there are female Kensei, then there can be female Aramusha, since you would wonder what happens to "disgraced female Kensei."
      • Shaman: I always find that Shamans are not purely female, even if a lot of shamanistic or sightseeing figures are deemed to be female. A male Shaman could be just as interesting imo (plus, Jorm being the male maniac... has not been my cup of tea).
      • Peacekeeper: Oddly, I can see why some may argue to keep her gender bound, be it because of her background or... thighs. But Just like how there can be female alternatives for other classes, the same can be said for male Assassins. Look at Shinobi!
    • Non-lock, but indifferent:
      • Shaolin: While it's common to think that Shaolin monks were all men, there seems to be proof that there were female practitioners (or better to call them nuns with the male "monks"). And seeing how the way For Honor's Universe runs, if there is proof that there was no or as much gender exclusivity, then why not a female Shaolin Monk? Maybe there would be an issue with female Wukong...
      • Warlord: Warlord being male only may play to how there were only male Jarls... but if we look at Raider too, I believe a female one aint a shabby idea, and could lead to some neat cosmetics. Plus, if we have buff characters such as Raider, why not the same for Warlord? If the lack of a beard is an issue... why not a fake one? Who knows though, the Hero in S11 may fulfill this female counterpart, so I won't push much for a female Warlord.
    • Locked, but indifferent:
      • Highlander: Highlander is one that I don't mind male lock... but when I saw a fanart depicting a female chibi Highlander and another female full body piece, I thought "not bad, maybe okay with this."
      • Lawbringer: This Hero is a weird case where I find that the change of gender would not be that much... but upon looking at Warden, the argument becomes null. I'd say I am indifferent, but leaning towards not wanting change.
    • Locked: These Heroes are the ones I would not be up for any change to their gender.
      • Nobushi and Valkyrie are strictly female because of their cultural origin in being based off female-based historicals.
        • I'd want to cite Centurion as the same, because Roman Centurions displayed masculinity... but this is after how I had said that female Warlords sound like a good idea... (but a female cent... I'll just say it could be cool)
      • This can be applied to Shugoki, because while the Oni were not all men, Sumo has been traditionally "men only" (although there is proof of certain regions hold Women's Sumo for even Shinto rituals); as much as seeing a female Shugoki would be cool, it's not at all necessary imo. We have Hitokiri too.
      • Jiang Jun: I wanted JJ to be non-locked before, because I wanted a Heavy who wasn't gender locked and who wasn't Conq (sorry Conq, but I am not exactly a fan of your theme and kit). Plus, the Wu Lin still only have two unlocked genders for Heroes out of five. But after seeing his release... because of JJ's influence being the great unkillable General... I've since revoked my thoughts on wanting non-lock... plus, at this point it would be pushing for pointless non-locks.

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