aka Tom

  • I live in Straya, m8.
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is YouTuber, Musician, Student, Gamer, Apprentice Animator
  • I am a guy standing next to you.


Hello I am FlameSword333 also known as DaBiggestBoiYet in For Honor. I’m in the Vikings faction and a Warlord, Shugoki and Warden main.

The characters in order in which I most commonly play (1 is highest on each list while the number on the bottom is the least):

Knights Edit

  1. Warden.
  2. Centurion.
  3. Black Prior.
  4. Lawbringer.
  5. Gladiator.
  6. Conqueror.
  7. Peacekeeper.

Vikings Edit

  1. Warlord.
  2. Berserker.
  3. Highlander.
  4. Raider.
  5. Jormungandr.
  6. Valkyrie.
  7. Shaman.

Samurai Edit

  1. Shugoki.
  2. Orochi.
  3. Aramusha.
  4. Kensei.
  5. Hitokiri.
  6. Shinobi.
  7. Nobushi.

Wu Lin Edit

  1. Tiandi.
  2. Zhanhu.
  3. Shaolin.
  4. Jiang Jun.
  5. Nuxia.

My set of most played heroes.

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