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Hello, I'm Emerald103, one of the administrators here on the For Honor wiki! My primary job is making sure the pages are neat and tidy, fixing grammar issues, dealing with vandalism, and helping update pages. Unfortunately this last job, the most time consuming and important, isn't something I've made much progress on due to school restraints. If you could help on that it would be awesome! To help with that, here's the general layout of how we like to have the Gear pages (the most numerous pages on the wiki and the ones most sorely in need of updating):

{{Gear template

The '''"{{PAGENAME}}"''' gear set is a [[B]] weapon/armor set for the [[A]] class.

Layout stops here; what follows are important notes:
A = hero class
B = gear rarity
C = number of weapons/armors that class has of that rarity
For the star section, put y if it's a star weapon and leave it blank if it isn't.
The weapon/armor part isn't literally part of the layout; use the word that fits the page and delete the rest (Example: if the page is for a weapon, leave 'weapon' and get rid of '/armor').

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