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Show your devotion to the gods.

Capture and retain the three flags known as tributes.


The goal in Tribute is for your team to take control of Offerings dispersed on the map. Shortly after the game begins, offerings will spawn across the battlefield at marked locations. Players must pick them up and carry them to their base and secure them inside one of their 3 Shrines.

Every Shrine gives a different Blessing to the team once an offering has successfully been claimed:

  • Sword Emblem.jpg Vindicator Blessing: Gives your whole team a small boost to damage, as well as reducing the time it takes to place or steal an Offering, allowing for more aggressive plays in taking Offerings from the enemy team. This buff appears on the arms of the team's Heroes.
  • Shield Emblem-0.jpg Guardian Blessing: Gives your whole team a small regenerating 25-health shield, as well as slowing enemy interaction when they try to steal your team’s Offering. This buff appears on the shoulders of the team's Heroes.
  • Eye Emblem.jpg Oracle Blessing: Increases your team's awareness of the whole enemy team by showing an outline of all living Enemy heroes through the radar as well as in-world. This buff appears on the chest and back of the team's Heroes.

Players are able to steal Offerings from the enemy team’s Shrines at any moment. However, it will take a few moments for an offering to be placed into or removed from a shrine. Being attacked while interacting with a Shrine stops the interaction. Hitting an opponent that is carrying an Offering will make them drop it.

As players respawn at locations around the map, sometimes near your own Shrines, or off to the side of the map, the respawn timer will increase by 5 seconds for every Offering your team has in a Shrine, up to 15 seconds more.

This mode can be played with a full queue of players, with players against AI, or single player with AI teammates against AI opponents.

How To Win

If a team has all three offerings, a countdown will begin before the end of the match, with the countdown length starting at 60 seconds at the start of the game, lowering as there is less time in the match. The opposing team needs to remove at least one offering in order to halt the countdown. Attempting to pull out an offering will prevent the countdown from ending the round at 0.

If time runs out, whichever team has the most Offerings is the victor. If either team has equal amounts of Offerings, the game will go into 3 minutes of overtime, until one team has more Offerings than the other for a duration or when overtime is up.