The restored arena of Ashfield, the Ring is where nobility and commoners alike come together for a fight to the death.


Carved from Mount Ignis rock and overlooking mountainous vistas, the once forgotten arena has since been restored to its former glory. Be it nobility and a commoner, all gather at The Ring to savour the thrill of warriors at the pinnacle of their craft.

On one side of the Ring is a marvelous castle. Daubeny sits on a throne close to the arena, while soldiers either are on guard or line the stone fence of the ring to watch the spectacle. On the right side is a cage of snarling wolves, while on the left is a glorious waterfall flowing from under the castle. On the side opposite of the castle is a view of a large lake, with snow-capped mountains lined with evergreen trees in view. The ring itself is circular, with a stone fence laid with some stone arches against the lake view.

This circular arena, like all dedicated PvP arenas, has no traps or hazards to worry about, allowing for a fair and clean 1v1 or 2v2. Whoever engages in this has only their skill to fall back upon.

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