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Not to be confused with the playable hero

"What you've done is wrong! You feast, while all around you people starve? You and your warriors will learn to live like the rest of us, or you will become food for crows!" - The Raider to Ragnar.

The Raider is a character that appears in the For Honor single player campaign. The Raider's gender is determined by the player. They are known as a fearless but rage-filled warrior that is tired of watching their fellow Vikings spill one another's blood. Raiders, as a rule, can be bloodthirsty – and this one is certainly no exception – but they are also filled with an immense love and pride for their people. Whether by force, guile, or sheer determination, this fierce warrior intends to unite the Warborn clans. And may the gods have mercy on whoever gets in their way.


Originally a recluse living in the mountains, Helvar and Runa told them about Ragnar and how he was pillaging his own people. Disgusted by this, The Raider was convinced to come down from the mountain and join the Warborn to put an end to Ragnar. After a duel, they chased Ragnar down and demanded that he stops starving his people. Ragnar chose death instead and The Raider gladly executed him. Even after Ragnar's death, The Raider chose to remain with the Warborn and went after Siv, whom The Raider once knew. They freed Siv's prisoners and answered her challenge to a duel. They defeat her and free the last of the prisoners, including Stigandr who The Raider appoints as Jarl.

The Raider helps lead the Great Raid against the Samurai, leading the charge up the beach of Kaiyo Kabe and across the bridge to Koto.


Strong, proud, bloodthirsty, The Raider embodied Viking beliefs. They strongly believed in raiding and even led the Great Raid. Despite their propensity for violence, they hold a strong love for their people, and are disgusted by the notion of Vikings turning on each other. The Raider also values freedom and is equally disturbed by the idea of Vikings in cages. These two values led them to taking down Ragnar and Siv respectively. It is possible that the Raider went to become chief and leader of the Warborn as they were greatly respected by their people and followed them without hesitation.