When Vikings thirst for blood outside the battlefield, the Pit is where they can sate their thirst for a fight.


Deep and imposing, the Pit has hosted many ancient Viking rituals. Encircled by a braying and drunken crowd that can inspire or demoralize, the Pit represents the very warriors that fight within the intimidating walls: brutal, passionate and determined.

A wooden stadium that is two-storied, the Pit is laid in the middle of a Viking settlement. Warriors have also gathered to watch the fight from atop the higher stands that hangs over the arena. Stigandr sits upon a throne, watching the spectacle as he drinks.

Below is the ring itself that is nothing but the dirt ground. One large statue of a Norse god stands across from Stigandr, with a bonfire in front of it. Weapon racks line the walls of this arena, although they are not accessible.

This great colosseum, like all dedicated PvP arenas, has no traps or hazards to worry about, allowing for a fair and clean 1v1 or 2v2. Whoever engages in this has only their skill to fall back upon.

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