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Gazing upon the sight of a beautiful lake, the Belvedere offers a place for warriors to fight in mock battles or perform training sessions.


Some lords and commanders across Heathmoor have unearthed ancients scrolls about architecture, and started to build vast palaces in the Wu Lin tradition. After passing through the beautiful gardens and sophisticated pavilions of these palaces, one may discover a belvedere, a scenic arena that is primarily used for mock fights and training of elite warriors.

The Belvedere is a large platform that oversees a lake. Towards the land side of the map, there is a majestic temple and other magnificent Wu Lin architecture.

This elegant platform, like all dedicated PvP arenas, has no traps or hazards to worry about, allowing for a fair and clean 1v1 or 2v2. Whoever engages in this has only their skill to fall back upon.


Upon being added during the 15th season, the Belvedere became the second map on which Ranked Duels would occur. Unlike the Sanctuary, there is no unique name for the Competitive version of this map.

This map's arena size is only half as large, as the fences have been moved to only surround the central part of the platform. Just like the original setup, there are no traps or hazards, allowing for a fair and clean 1v1.


  • A belvedere is any structure made that looks over a beautiful sight, as noted by the term's origin as "belvedere" (or "belvidere") is Italian for "beautiful sight." A belvedere can be a multitude of structures, from an individual structure atop a building, to being a platform looking over a garden.
  • This is the second Wu Lin map added after Qiang Pass.



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