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The Viking fortress of Storr Stronghold stands sentry over the seas. It was built on the site of an old Trelleborg fort that had burnt to the ground. It is a massive stone structure with broad turrets that honor Viking tradition. The high walls that hug the ocean shoreline make any assault a brutal affair for attackers. Cultists believe that this fort is littered with the scales of the great serpent god, Jormungandr... and they may be right.


Storr Stronghold, like other Breach mode maps, is a long map with three parts. Phase one is just outside its outer walls, phase two located in one of the inner yards between the inner and outer wall, with the final phase being the keep where the Commander waits.

The Attackers defile the ground of the Jormungandr as they storm this sea-bound stronghold. Even with the waters around, the Defenders must defend themselves for the incoming wave. However, it is only the great serpent who knows the outcome of this siege.

In Breach, the Attacking boats come crashing into the front shores of the island fort, with soldiers pouring onto land. Defenders are not as well prepared for this attack, finding themselves dying one after another by incoming arrows. And as the boats lay out their boarding planks and a catapult hurls a stone into the opposing fortification, the siege begins.


*Please take note, all directional information is given from the Attacker's perspective (ie. left side of gate would mean the right side of the gate for Defenders).

Outside the Walls


Outer Ward


Inner Ward



  • "Stórr" is Old Norse for "big" or "great."
  • During the Warrior's Den on July 25th, 2019, the developers mentioned how the prison under the Gallows is based off an actual prison.
  • The Defender's Spawn in the first phase uniquely features an extended platform above the gatehouse area. Unlike the other maps where the Spawn zone only allows deployment on one lane of the map, this platform allows Defender to walk over to deploy towards the other lane safely.
  • The third phase of the map features a sliding door next to the Healing Zone, opened or closed by a Lever which is located on a platform beneath the Ballista, which is on the opposite side of the map. Access to the Zone requires a roundabout path, with this door granting immediate access to it from the Commander's Platform.


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