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Stigandr is a character that appears in For Honor's singleplayer campaign.


Stigandr was once a prisoner of Siv the Ruthless but was freed by The Raider. With Jarl Gudmundr dead, The Raider appointed Stigandr as Jarl. As Jarl, he decides to raid the Samurai in an event that would come to be known as The Great Raid. As the war continued, Holden Cross was ordered to meet with him and the Kensei Ayu to discuss the possibility of bringing the wars to an end.


Stigandr held a strong love of his Viking brothers but he still held traditional Viking beliefs. As Jarl he was still tactically minded. He understood that brute force would not be enough to get through the Myre. Despite his love for raiding, he does not like the war that was being waged due to the number of deaths. He was enraged when Holden Cross suggested peace, taking it as an insult from a former member of the Blackstone Legion, the group that started the war.