Fight to the top in For Honor's team deathmatch.


In this mode, two squads will engage each other in combat. Teams of four will be facing soldiers, captains, as well as other Heroes. Points are earned by killing the enemy, with the most awarded when killing Heroes. Scoring is influenced by the conditions of each fight, with 1v1 battles earning the most points while 2v1 and 3v1 will score fewer.

Boosts are also scattered about the map and can make a difference in battle.

This mode can be played with a full queue of players, with players against AI, or singleplayer with AI teammates against AI opponents.

How To WinEdit

This game mode works on a point system. Reach 1000 points to cause the enemy team to lose morale (known as "Breaking" in-game), causing them to be unable to respawn.

Points are rewarded based on the warrior killed and the nature of the kill. Once Breaking, eliminating the enemy team rewards your team victory. Rules and mechanics are identical to Dominion, with the apparent lack of control points, which means that once a team is Breaking, they are unable to "un-break".


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