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"We are far from home, we samurai. Each new land teaches us new things. Each new ally makes us stronger. The shugoki: once our guardians, they have become as family. And what more fierce protectors could we ask for? The kanabo is an unreasonable weapon; clumsy, dangerous... unless you possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will."

Shugoki is a playable hero class in For Honor.


The Shugoki appear slow and cumbersome. Don’t let that fool you -- they possess the strength of a giant and an indomitable will. It takes incredible fortitude to be the guardians of your people. You must defend them at all costs and put their needs above your own. This has never been an issue for the Shugoki. Their weapon of choice seems unwieldy, but in their hands, it is as deadly and precise as any blade.


The Shugoki wears massive wooden plates protecting his torso and arms. An obi sash around his waist and a nawa belt hold the garments together. Unlike their comrades, he only wears a hakama with cloth and leather straps attached, with no noticeable shirt or torso garment under their wooden plates.

The Shugoki does not wear a kabuto but instead wears a somen mask that gives him the face of an Oni, a Japanese demon with the superhuman strength to wield the kanabo with ease. The somen is typically accompanied by a cloth neckguard and a topknot in various styles.


Kanabo - This traditional club is so large that it takes a powerful, but also skilled warrior to wield it correctly, even more than the nodachi. It can deliver a crippling blow with every hit, but its weight tends to leave the user open for counter-attacks if it misses.



  • Shugoki (Kanji: 守護鬼) literally translates to 'guardian demon' in Japanese.
  • Unlike other Samurai Heroes whose mask is either the military half mask, the menpo (Kensei and Orochi), or a non-military full mask (Nobushi and Hitokiri), the mask the Shugoki wears is the military full face mask, the somen.
    • Two of the Shugoki's newest helm cosmetics from the Marching Fire update, Kiku no Sekku and Ryutora, do use a mask similar to a menpo.
  • It is greatly hinted through the Hero Trailer that the Shugoki were not originally of the Samurai, but instead natives of the Myre who became a part of the Samurai when they first settled, becoming integrated into its society overtime as indicated by the "once our guardians, they have become as family" line.
    • This is apparent in other details, such as how Shugoki is the only Samurai Hero to feature hair colors not found on other Samurai Heroes. Compare how all the Samurai only have dark brown, white or black hair, while the Shugoki has light brown, blonde and even red hair.
  • The Shugoki is the largest hero in the game, even taller than other tall Heroes such as the Lawbringer or the Warlord. He used to feature the highest amount of health at 160 before the maximum health a Hero can have was capped at 140.
    • Shugoki is also one of two Heroes who has the ability to heal themselves without the aid of Feats, Perks or Boosts, as his Demon's Embrace move heals him upon a successful hug. The other Hero is Shaman.
    • He was also the Hero who could achieve the highest movement speed without the aid of Feats, Perks or Boosts, at 9.5 meters per second when using Charge of the Oni; Shinobi during their Super Sprint only reaches 8.5 m/s. This was nerfed to 8.5 m/s with his Testing Ground Update changes at the start of Year 5 Season 2, further decreased to 7.25 m/s with a balance patch during the midseason change of Year 5 Season 3.
  • The Shugoki's design is based off of the Oni (鬼; lit. "demon" or "ogre"), having the stature of one, wearing a mask with the face as fierce as an Oni and carrying a kanabo, which is a weapon greatly associated with the Oni (to the point that there is an idiom for their relation).
    • Some of his moves also reference the Oni, such as Demon's Embrace and Charge of the Oni. Even his out of lock running attack move, Crashing Thunder, makes reference to the Oni as they are often depicted as bringers of thunderstorms.
    • The design of the kanabo is also likely inspired by Japanese folklore of the Oni. Whereas the kanabo in actual warfare was much more slim, akin to a bat, those seen used by an Oni in fiction have a much thicker, thus heavier, end to reflect the immense strength required to wield the exaggerated weapon.
    • Coincidentally, "Oni" was the pre-release name of the Orochi.
  • It is also very apparent that aside from the Oni, the Shugoki received influences from Sumo and their wrestlers.
    • This is apparent in a couple of factors, such as their large and thick body (compared to the more muscular body physique the Oni are usually depicted with), along with mannerism that resembles a stereotypical sumo wrestler, especially the idea of them slapping their belly. Some cosmetics also reflect elements of sumo:
      • Some of the chest armor pieces, such as the Okuda set, includes a tsuna (綱, lit. "rope"), a special belt that is the recognizable symbol of the Yokozuna, the highest rank achievable by a sumo wrestler.
      • The Sumo and the Sole T emotes mimic the ritualistic stomping before a Sumo match.
      • The Kimarite and Kinjite executions, and the Kachi-nokiri and Joi-jin signatures. All noted below.
  • Shugoki is the only Hero whose walking animation is the same as his free roam animation, likely due to his free roam (2.45 m/s) being the slowest, therefore having the smallest gap between speeds with the Walking Speed (1.5 m/s). See more information here.

Executions & Emotes

  • The "One Inch Punch" execution is a reference to the martial arts move made famous by Bruce Lee. It is intended to be a practice exercise, but has become popularized more as a special combat move in pop media.
  • The "Shugoki Smash!" execution is likely a reference to the Hulk, who is known for his popular shout, "Hulk! Smash!" along with scenes where the Hulk swings his adversary above before slamming them into the ground.
  • The execution "The Mountain" is a reference to Game of Thrones, specifically the character Gregor Clegane whose nickname is "The Mountain who Ride" or simply "The Mountain." In one scene in the series, Gregor kills his foe by crushing their head in a similar way Shugoki does in this execution.
  • The "Pinch Hitter" execution refers to the baseball term for a substitute batter. Pinch hitters are typically substituted in when a player has been injured or when the pinch hitter may have a better chance of reaching a base or helping runners to score.
  • The execution "Dyspepsia" is named after the medical term for indigestion, referring to when discomfort or pain is felt in the upper abdomen, typically after having eaten something.
  • The execution "Kimarite" refers to the Sumo term for "finishing blow" (決まり手). This reference to Sumo is clear in the use of the harite (張り手; "slap strike") together with the ritualistic stomping.
  • The execution "Kinjite" translates to "forbidden move" or "forbidden hand" (禁じ手), referring to moves that are illegal or a foul in Sumo and Shogi, or are restricted (hence forbidden) by one's own spiritual policies in martial arts.
    • In Sumo's list of forbidden moves, both the act of jabbing the solar plexus and grabbing the opponent's throat are listed. In the execution, Shugoki performs both of these actions.
    • It is noted in the list that the harite noted above for Kimarite is a move restricted from use by junior wrestlers, but are allowed for use by senior ones.
  • The execution "Samurai Senton" references the pro wrestling move where the attacking wrestler jumps onto an opponent. Unlike a press or splash, the attacker falls on their opponent (usually around their torso region) with either their lower back or buttock first.
  • The signature "Chu!" is named after the Japanese onomatopeia for kissing, which Shugoki affectionately performs on his Kanabo during the signature.
  • The signature "Kachi-nokori" refers to the Sumo term for "the winner who remains" (勝ち残り).
    • During a day of sumo, power water (力水; chikara-mizu) is handed to a wrestler by either the winner of the previous match if they are on their side of the ring or for the losing side the next wrestler from their side of the ring. This is done because receiving water from a loser or the opposite side of the ring would be bad luck.
    • This is important because for the last bout at the end of the day, both sides won't have a next wrestler while one side won't have a winner from the previous round. For this reason, the last wrestler to have won on that side of the ring (the kachi-nokori) will remain to give the last wrestler the power water.
  • The signature "Joi-jin" translates to "high rank wrestler" (上位陣) in sumo terms. This term is loosely used for wrestlers who are expected to face a yokozuna during a tournament.
    • For the most part, this term is typically applied to wrestlers who are in the top-most sumo division Makuuchi (of Sumo's six divisions), and are of the upper Maegashira rank or above (for reference, Maegashira is the lowest rank of the Makuuchi division).
  • "Nebari wo Kakuru" (ねばりをかくる) translates to "Apply binding."
    • The name of this execution is in reference to a technique from Miyamoto Musashi's Book of Five Rings where your intent is to keep your blade interlocked with the opponent's when they enter such a state.


  • Japanese: 潔く死ね (Isagiyoku shine) - English: "Prudently die!" or "Accept your death!"
    • Successful Demon's Embrace
  • Japanese: 我が手中にあり (Waga shuchuu ni ari) - English: "It is within (the grasps of) my hands."
    • Charging Heavy Attack
  • Japanese: これまでじゃ (Koremade ja) - English: "This is it!" or "This is as far as you'll go!"
    • Kinjite (Execution)
  • Japanese: この手で葬ってやろう (Kono te de houmutte yarou) - English: "You'll be buried by my hands!"
    • Shiryou Avenger (Execution)
  • Japanese: 頭を叩き割ってやらねばな― (Atama wo tatakiwatte yaraneba na) - English: "I've gotta crush that skull of yours!"
    • Samurai Senton (Execution)

Fighting Style

The Shugoki are the disruptor Tank. Their high health, together with their ability to be unflinching through their uninterruptible attacks, make the Shugoki a Hero who can make trades most wouldn't be able to commit to. He's excellent at dealing crippling blows to enemies with his massive kanabo.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Disabler fighting style
  • Hard hitter

Special Capabilities

  • Most attacks and moves are uninterruptible
  • Charging heavy attacks that become unblockable when fully charged
  • Demon's Embrace: Special pinning move that heals Shugoki


Available Perks for the Shugoki can be viewed on the Perks page.


Number 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Speed Revive

Passive | Rapidly revive fallen teammates

Unlocked at level 1
1 - Speed Revive.png
Iron Lungs

Passive | You can still Sprint when Out of Stamina

Unlocked at level 5
1 - Iron Lungs.png
Throw Farther

Passive | Throw enemies farther

Unlocked at level 13
1- Throw farther.png
2 Short Tempered

Passive | Upon being hit by an enemy Hero, deal increased damage for a short time.

Unlocked at level 1
Short Tempered.png
Smoke Bomb

Throw down a bomb that stuns enemies for a moderate duration of time.

Unlocked at level 7
2 - Smoke bomb.png

You're slowed and gain high Damage reduction, Slippery and Uninteruptible

Unlocked at level 15
2 - Juggernaut.png
3 Punch Through

Passive | Deal Damage on Blocked Attacks

Unlocked at level 1
3 - Punch Through.png
Long Bow

Fire a long bow for moderate Damage (85 dmg)

Unlocked at level 9
3 - Long Bow.png
Hard to Kill

Passive | Losing Health increases your Damage reduction

Unlocked at level 17
3 - Hard to Kill.png
4 Staggering Blow

Heavy Attacks and Throws cause enemies to fall

Unlocked at level 1
4 - Staggering Blow.png
Arrow Storm

Aerial Attack that deals medium Damage in multiple areas

Unlocked at level 11
4 - Arrow Storm.png

Passive | Regenerate your Health when out of combat

Unlocked at level 19
4 - Regenerate.png



  • Renown: Heavy - Earn more Renown by assisting or saving Heroes, and holding objectives to unlock your feats in a match.
  • Revenge Mode - Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
  • Defense: Static - Your Guard Stance remains active in the direction you designate, even when performing a Dodge.

Hero Specific

  • Uninterruptible Stance Attacks - Heavy Attack moves, Zone Attack, Crashing Thunder and Crashing Thunder Alternate have Uninterruptible Stance during their Startup.
  • Enhanced Lights - Light Attacks are not interrupted if blocked. Does not apply when blocked by a Superior Block.
  • Charged Heavy Attack - Hold RMB (PC), RT (XB1), or R2 (PS4) when initiating a basic chain Heavy Attack to finish a chain with a Charged Heavy Attack. Holding this move allows for variable timing.
    • Charging Phases - Charging a Heavy Attack has two phases, and has to enter its second phase (shown with the Unblockable sign) for the Heavy Attack to receive the Fully Charged Heavy properties. If the attack is only in its first phase when released, Shugoki will initiate a normal Heavy Attack.
    • Fully Charged Heavy - If a Heavy Attack is fully charged, it will receive increased damage and become Unblockable.
    • Charging Heavy Attack: Chain End - Charged Heavy Attacks cannot be chained into another move.
    • Charging Heavy Attack Cancel - Charging Heavy Attacks can be canceled with B (XB1), ◯ (PS4) or E (PC), which can be performed even after the Charging Heavy Attack has become Unblockable.
  • Chain Openers - Zone Attack, Crashing Thunder and Crashing Thunder Alternate count as Chain Openers and can chain into a Heavy Finisher or a Headbutt (using Guardbreak).
  • Headbutt - Can be initiated from a Forward or Side Dodge, or after any Chain Opener. It can be chained into a Heavy Finisher, even on miss.
    • Health Damaging Headbutt - Unlike other Bash-like moves, Headbutt will apply direct Health damage to the target instead of dealing Stamina damage.
  • Demon's Embrace - Demon's Embrace can be accessed either from neutral or after a Guardbreak Throw. A successful Demon's Embrace pins the target. It will deal 20 damage to the target and heal Shugoki for 10 Health, before Shugoki tosses the target behind himself. It will also replenish both Shugoki and the target's Stamina.
  • Charge of the Oni - Enter Charge of the Oni by releasing and pressing the sprint button/key. Consumes Stamina to increase Sprint Speed by ~31.5%. Release and press the sprint button/key again to go back to normal sprint. During Charge of the Oni, Shugoki will lose some control over his ability to turn or stop for the duration of the Charge; Shugoki can attack from Charge of the Oni.
  • Special Knock Downs - Although the target of Demon's Embrace and Demon Ball will be knocked down at the end of the move, they won't be counted as being on the floor for moves such as Centurion's Eagle's Talon and Jormungandr's Hamarr Slam.


(From Guard Mode)

Icon Legend

Type Name PC XB1 PS4
Chain Attack icon.png Bash and Smash LMB, RMB RB, RT R1, R2
Chain Attack icon.png Bonecrusher RMB, RMB RT, RT R2, R2
Uninterruptible Stance icon.png Crashing Thunder (Not in Guard Stance) ↑ + RMB LS↓(press to sprint) + RT L3↓(press to sprint) + R2
Uninterruptible Stance icon.png Crashing Thunder Alternate (Forward Dodge Heavy) W + Space, RMB LS + A, RT LS + X, R2
Unblockable icon.pngPush Back icon.png Charge of the Oni ↑, ↑ LS↑, LS↑ LS↑, LS↑
Unblockable icon.pngKnocked Down icon.pngUninterruptible Stance icon.png Demon's Embrace S + MMB LS↓ + X LS↓ + ⬜
Unblockable icon.pngKnocked Down icon.pngUninterruptible Stance icon.png Demon's Embrace from Throws Press MMB during a throw Press X during a throw Press ⬜ during a throw
Push Back icon.pngKnocked Down icon.png Demon Ball MMB ♦, RMB X ♦, RT ⬜ ♦, R2
Unblockable icon.png Headbutt MMB (After any Starter, Crashing Thunder and Zone Attack) X (After any Starter, Crashing Thunder and Zone Attack) ⬜ (After any Starter, Crashing Thunder and Zone Attack)
Unblockable icon.png Dodge Headbutt A or W or D + Space, MMB LS← or LS↑ or LS→ + A, X LS← or LS↑ or LS→ + X, ⬜



Requiescat In Pace


Rampage Of Ragnarok


Cheaty Flute


Blow Your Own Horn


Harpy Hey Joe


Lute Not


Sylvan Vaporization


Horkos Pharmakos


Sylvan Metamorphasis


Revenant Slayer


Ulfhednar Killer


Shiryo Avenger


Jiangshi Banisher


Minified And Put Aside


Minified And Magnified


Minified And Stomped


Minified And Kicked Away


Wolf Among Sheep


Ilma's Scythe


Cane You Feel It


Brought You A Gift


Chimera Salvation


Blades of the Vanguards


Resounding Defeat


Deadly Hare


Sylvan Detachment


To The Great Beyond


Feast Upon The Weak


The Masquerade Is Over


Unquenchable Wolf


Farewell, Chimera Music Box


Farewell, Chimera Zither


Farewell, Horkos Bagpipe


Farewell, Horkos Violin


Wrathful Concision


Willful Concision


Sorrowful Concision


Artful Concision


Aegir's Reach


Anchors Down


Chill Out


Death Metal Triangle


Fish In A Barrel


Get Whale Soon


Off The Hook


The Huntress' Prey


Ran's Bestowment


What Goes Around


Just Add Oil


Passive Stance


The Bard's Instrument


Sword In The Stone


Ready To Rumble


Volcanic Destruction Blast


Jack O Lantern


Leap Of Faith


Penguin Walk


Vortiger's Ascent


Shadows of the Hitokiri


Zhanhu's Fire


Dubious Assessment


One Of Your Shrugs


Howl At The Moon


Confused Warrior


Skeptically Swaying


Horkos Grimoire


Sylvan Book


Sylvan Meditation


In ChaRAHcter


Muscular Archer


Muscular Biceps


Message Board


Sylvan Panacea


Selfish Drinker


Chimera Bagpipe


Chimera Music Box


Chimera Violin


Chimera Zither


Horkos Bagpipe


Horkos Music Box


Horkos Violin


Horkos Zither




Raising Glasses


Suspended Gong


The Bodhran


The Field Drum


Suspicious Tumbleweed


Elegant Dance


The Bard's Triangle


Gryphon's Fireside

Fighting Stance


Snowball Fight!





Ware Shinaba


Death By Arrows


Passive Stance


Down The Hatch! (Samurai)


Rub Salt In The Wound (Samurai)


Banner Of Arms (Samurai)





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