Shield Captains are AI controlled minions that appear in the campaign and skirmish mode. They are an enhanced variant of the regular Captains but carry a shorter sword and a large shield.


There are Shield Captains for all three factions and are identifiable by their body size that measure up to other Captains and the unified design of their helmets, body armor, and shield.

  • Viking Shield Captains wear chainmail and leather, while wearing spangenhelm helmets with cloth drapes. They wield round shields and Carolingian swords.
  • Knight Shield Captains reinforced mail along with a kettle helm with a chain mail drape. They wield heater shields and arming swords.
  • Samurai Shield Captains wear tosei-gusoku (armor made of horizontal plates), kabuto helmets and mempo, lacking the coat that normal Captains wear. They wield te-date shields and katana.

Keep in mind that these changes are purely aesthetic. All soldiers behave the same way.


Shield Captains operate much like a Hero when it comes to Guard Mode, where they can be locked onto and be attacked using combos. And while they too will use the Guard Mode and attack from one of the three sides, their offense lack any unique traits and their combat method lacks any stringed combos.

However, unlike normal Captains, Shield Captains have more health and are much more passive, preferring to block incoming attacks than go on the offense. They will also push back enemies who try to guardbreak them, and can use the full block stance. They are even capable of an unblockable stab when they block an attack using the full block stance. These makes the Shield Captain most resemble the Warlord in combat style.


Occasionally, Shield Captains will replace or even join together with normal Captains on the field. They will move together with Soldiers, fighting other bands of Captains and Soldiers they encounter.


  • Unlike their Soldier counterparts, Captains only exist as male, both through model and voice.
  • During the mission 'Warlords and Cowards' a shield captain can be seen ordered to keep the advancing Blackstones off the walls by Daubeny. Oddly, this shield captain is depicted wielding a Lawbringer's Polearm.
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