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There are some ruins in Ashfeld that have changed hands so many times that all that remains is stones on a mountain side. A once bustling outpost, all that remains of this Sentinel is a tower, some ramparts and an excellent view of the valley below.


Sitting on the side of a cliff, the central battlefield sits between two fortifications, the ramparts and the tower. There are ledges abound to push people off whether it is onto the battlefield or to the valley floor.

The main bridge to the tower interior has barricades with spikes to shove enemies onto and the tower balcony overlooks the valley. The upper courtyard has a horse rider path to the ramparts for easy access on one end, and the lower ruins have a crumbling path for access from the other. There are also courtyard and cliffside paths for easy access into the tower.

Both fortifications have a ballista in dominion to provide covering fire, but each ballista cannot rain fire on the entire battlefield as there are obstructions.

In Dominion, the atttackers and defenders meet on the battlefield. One soldier in charge on each side gives a speech to his troops before they charge into battle with the remainder of their forces joining the fray.


  • The following are the speech lines for the soldier in charge, which depends on the faction and whether they are an Attacker or Defender:
Attacker Defender
Knights Stay in line. Keep pace. Stay together. And remember your training. Charge! Stand fast. Hold the line. No surrender! To battle!
Samurai Stay focused. Shields strong. Swords ready. Attack! We will strike with the fury of fire. And the speed of wind. Take down!
Viking Ready to drink mead in the great hall? Valhalla! For your mothers. For your children. For your clan. To death!
  • The Samurai soldier's Defending line is a reference to two parts of famed daimyo Shingen Takeda's battle standard, Furinkazan (風林火山; lit. "wind, forest, fire, mountain") which refers to Sun Tzu's "Art of War."
    • The full phrase is "as swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain."
  • The Sentinel has an exclusive location on the map for Duels, located on top of the Tower with full view of both the valley and the battlefield. This is the first map to feature this, the second being Canopy. First picture in gallery showcases this area.
    • This exclusive features couple ledges off the tower, along with a unique trapdoor that opens roughly 30 seconds after a round has started.


  • Upper courtyard
  • Horse rider path
  • Courtyard path
  • Central battlefield
  • Main bridge
  • Tower interior
  • Tower balcony
  • Crumbling ruins path
  • Cliffside path
  • Lower ruins


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