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The Order of Horkos finally show their true colours, with the Warmongers arriving to bring war upon Heathmoor. They use a special weapon, Draconite, to bring about corruption on the world. Striking from the dark with no warning, test yourself against the Warmongers who take upon the look of the Destroyer in this familiar event deathmatch.

After the Tyrant's Test is over on August 6th, war breaks out as warriors of Horkos will perform their assault on Heathmoor as the new Hero is released. While there is no special event game mode, there will be an event pass for this part of the event. The invasion will eventually come to a halt, so collect your unique rewards by then.


The Warmongers made their grand arrival during the Honor Games. With former members of the Blackstone Legion and some of the darkest heroes among their ranks, they unleashed an ominous power upon the world called Corruption. A new age of tyranny was about to begin in Heathmoor.

Event Game Mode

A Tyrant's Test

"The Warmongers and their allies have arrived to end the truce. They will get stronger every time you win."

After the Metal Trials, there is one more "Test" to be had, organized by the Warmongers. Called "the Tyrant's Test," partake in one more deathmatch on the Shard as you face Astrea, her fellow Warmongers (also known as "Tyrants") and the Harbingers. These fine warriors will test you if you are ready for war, just like the Destroyer herself did to the entirety of Heathmoor before.

A Tyrant's Trial, just like the Metal Trials before, is a best-of-seven deathmatch. You will face against one or more Warmongers (Astrea will always be present), together with any of the Harbingers (Black Prior, Hitokiri, Jormungandr, Zhanhu) filling in for the rest of the team. For every round that you win, all enemies will become stronger as they receive bonuses that improve their health, grant them a regenerating shield and even increase the damage they deal.

Compared to the Metal Trials that would cheer your team on for every enemy struck down, during the Tyrant's Test, the "audience" is the Warmongers' army. They will cheer whenever a Warmonger or Harbinger kills a player, while there will be booing whenever a Warmonger or Harbinger is killed.

After selecting your Hero for the gamemode, the Warmonger Astrea will appear on the opposing side during the face-off screen in a menacing manner. As she walks towards your team, the corpses of all the actors for Apollyon, Gudmundr, Tozen and Tozen's Shadow from the Metal Trials will lay on the floor, each stuck into by each of the Harbinger's respective weapon, for the Warmonger to triumph over.

The Warmongers

The Horkos now take form as the Warmongers, dressing themselves much like Apollyon. While imitators partook in the festivities of the Metal Trials, these monsters are a different breed of warriors with their own unique moveset. They wield the Flamberge Sword with great strength!

Learn about them on their Hero page.


There are four Warmongers, each with a distinct look. All of them visually align with the visuals of the Knight faction, as they wear a full set of steelplate armour with clawed gauntlets. The sword they wield are Flamberge Swords, each designed in a fashionable manner with distinct parrying hooks (Parierhaken) at the top of the blade's ricasso, together with a black-and-gold colour motif.

The Warmongers feature their own emotes, dialogues and even their own signature.

  • The Warmongers will use the "I am War" emote at the start of every round, and upon winning a round.
  • Warmongers' dialogue is not in Latin, instead being in the language of your game's choosing. In English, the Warmongers' recite the following lines:
    • "Enough!" when performing their bash move.
    • "Sheep!" when performing the bash's Light Follow-up.
    • "Weakling!" when performing Heavy Finishers.
    • "Die!" when performing the side dodge Heavies.
    • "Stay here!" when performing the forward dodge Heavy.
  • The Warmongers feature one of two signatures during the victory screen. These are the Signatures that Warmonger will be released with:
    • The Warmonger will rest one foot on a decapitated Warden head while cheering.
    • The Warmonger will have a dagger stuck in their abdomen, proceeding to remove it. Upon dropping the dagger, they assume a menacing pose.


The Warmongers feature the moveset that they will take up when they are released during the midseason. Although the base of the their moveset are akin to the Warden, it is very apparent in the rest of their moves and their stance that they attack differently.

While they have the same attack chains as the Warden (L→L→H, L→H, H→H), they do not have the Warden's iconic Superior Block Top Light or Unblockable Top Heavy Finisher. However, instead, the Warmongers do have Enhanced Lights and Uninterruptible Heavy Finishers. They also have access to Preying Claw, which fulfills a similar purpose to Shoulder Bash, together with Dodge Heavies that have special properties. They even have a Parry Riposte which will impale their foe.

See more here at Warmonger's moveset section.

The Warmongers also feature their own unique list of feats, which revolve around Corruption:

  1. Corruption Blade: Apply Corruption to your blade, lasting until you land a successful hit (does not get consumed on block or miss). The Corruption works much like Nuxia's T4 feat, Infection, dealing damage to you and nearby allies if your allies are closeby.
  2. Elixir of Corruption: Passive - Gain Health from damage dealt to Corrupted foes. Includes damage dealt by Corruption.
  3. Power of Corruption: Passive - Damage dealt to Corrupted foes is increased. Damage increase also affects Corruption's damage.
  4. Corruption Blast: Corrupt nearby foes.

Corruption is a key mechanic to Warmonger's unique feats. Corruption will not inflict bonus damage on-hit, however it will create an AoE around the marked target/s. When an ally of the target/s enter the circle, the Corruption will activate, dealing damage to both the ally and the target. This effect can stack if the ally is also Corrupted.

In the Tyrant's Test event, Astrea has a level 3 bot AI, making use of feints and parries, together with having access to all feats over the course of the game. Her allied Warmogners and Harbingers will be level 2 bots who won't feint or parry as often; the Warmongers will also only have access to Corruption Blade and Elixir of Corruption.

Other Changes

The event takes places on the Shard, except when compared to the festivities from a month ago, the fortress has now become wrecked by war with lingering elements of the celebration ruined. Gas lingers around phosphorous rubble (the Draconite that the Horkos has brought in) as a thick thundercloud casts fog on the edges of the map.

Outside the Event Order, players who participate in the event can loot the exclusive in-game reward: the Rose of Horkos embossing. Unlike other events, there aren't any other rewards offered during the event.

Midseason Changes

During the second part of the event starting August 6th, changes have been made. While the Tyrant's Test game mode is over, the new Hero has been released (more details in the Midseason section of the Tyranny Season page) and changes have been made to the aesthetic of the game to reflect the Horkos' invasion.

New Event Rewards

Together with two new Illustrious outfits where you either summon a sheep or a wolf, there is a new Event Exclusive Execution called "Wolf among Sheep." In this execution, you hold a blade to your enemies neck, determining whether they are a sheep or a wolf. Unlike other Executions before, this execution will randomly have you either cut their head off because they are a sheep or kick them unconscious because they are actually a wolf.

The Event Pass makes a return, bringing guaranteed free cosmetics to players through a tiered pass system exclusive to the event. Players who participate in the event can attain Horkos themed outfits, ornaments, and the Blades of Belligerence effects over the span of 35 tiers. The Blades of Belligerence effect has weapons of the Vanguards falling from the sky or, in the case of the Execution, pierce your foe from all sides. While there are also weapon visuals for each Hero, they will still drop as scavenged loot. Attain these visuals by playing any game mode.

All event related rewards will not be obtainable after August 20th.

Aesthetic Changes

The main menu has been changed to welcome the arrival of the Warmongers. As a Warden stands normally, Astrea sneaks in from behind, piercing the Warden through the back with her sword. The Warden hobbles to the ground slowly dead, and Astrea takes some steps back to become part of the background, mimicking the pose taken in the start-up illustration of the event.

The war map displays how war has finally broken out, with Horkos warriors ravaging the land and Dracontie crystals littered everywhere. Meanwhile, in-game, all Attackers minions and captains are swapped out for Horkos warriors, who wear metal armor that are similar to those worn by the Warmonger. All of them wear horned helmets while their armor (and their shields in the case of minions) are decorated with Horkos patterns.

Arcade Quest

"Don't you have enough of the cowards who are spreading lies about peace in Heathmoor?"

"It is time to unleash your anger, warrior. Join us and let us end the Truce of Wyverndale together."

The Honor Games have gone on for long enough, and you have heard the call for war by the Horkos. The time for peace is over, as it is poison upon the land if you let these hypocrites keep the lie going. Kill those who try to uphold peace and destroy the Honor Games as it is to show these warriors what is the true state of the world: tyranny!

This quest takes place on the Honor Games-modified Sanctuary map, and later on the modified Shards map, as you reenact the very destruction of peace, killing both Heroes and soldiers who try to defend it. Even Gaius the Centurion is not spared of this catastrophe. But at the end... the Horkos spots a little "dirt" on you, thus believe you are not fit for their ranks...

This event quest takes up the Weekly Quest slot for the first two weeks of the Event, until August 6th. See more details here.

During the second half of the event, the Black Prior's Supremacy makes a return.

Unique Orders

During the Rise of The Warmongers event, the daily orders and Event Orders will be tailored with unique names that references the special game at hand.

Daily Orders

  • Executioner:
    • The Warmongers' Beliefs - "They are chosen by Horkos to use the Corruption and start a new era."
    • Astrea - "Some suspect she has found the secret of immortality and cannot die."
    • Astrea - "She made secret alliances with leaders of all factions over the past years."
      • Execute 2 Heroes in any game mode.
    • The Warmongers' Allies - "There are powerful alchemists among their ranks."
    • The Wolves' Legacy - "We will avenge those who have fallen and start a new era."
    • The Wolves' Legacy - "We have learned from the past. We are stronger than ever."
      • Execute 3 Heroes in any game mode.
  • Event Executioner:
    • Astrea - "Legends say she had visions of the god Horkos during a battle."
    • The Warmongers' Order - "They founded the Order of Horkos with former members of the Blackstone Legion."
      • Execute 3 Heroes in A Tyrant's Test.
  • Slayer:
    • The Warmongers' Ideals - "What Apollyon did years ago was only the beginning of something much bigger."
    • Astrea - "She is the only one who knows how the Corruption truly works."
      • Perform 5 Takedowns in any game mode.
    • The Warmongers' Ideals - "They turned Apollyon's Legacy into an idea. Ideas can't be killed."
    • Astrea - "When the Blackstones first met her, they thought she was a reincarnated Apollyon."
    • Peace is Poison - "Peace makes people weak. War is the only answer."
    • Peace is Poison - "Peace is a lie. We bring truth. We are war."
    • Peace is Poison - "Peace is a fallacy. It turns people into a mindless horde."
      • Perform 10 Takedowns in any game mode.
  • Event Slayer:
    • The Warmongers' Beliefs - "In the name of their god, they will weed out the imposters and hypocrites."
    • Astrea - "She rallied the former Blackstones who were hiding in Wu Lin territory."
      • Perform 10 Takedowns in A Tyrant's Test.
  • Warrior:
    • Astrea - "Warriors began to worship her, believing she was the offspring of Horkos."
    • Warmongers' Allies - "Many warriors secrely joined their Order while fighting for their faction."
    • A New World - "The age of lies is over. We will build a new world for those who deserve it."
    • A New World - "We will save the world from the worthless warriors who do not fight honorably."
      • Complete 2 matches of any game mode.
  • Event Warrior:
    • The Warmonger's Beliefs - "They want to create a world where only the most deserving triumph."
    • Astrea - "Renegades from all factions joined her cause."
      • Complete 2 matches of A Tyrant's Test.
  • Savior - Astrea:
    • "Some rumors say she improved Apollyon's worn armor to fit her new needs."
      • Revive 1 Hero in any game mode.
  • Event Savior - Warmongers' Allies:
    • "Their closest allies are calling themselves the Messengers of Doom."
      • Revive 2 Heroes in A Tyrant's Test.
  • Adaptable Warrior - Age of Truth:
    • "Only the truest warriors of this world will survive."
    • "The Divine has given us the power to fulfill our destiny."
    • "We welcome those who want more for their people. For themselves."
      • Complete 2 Matches of any game mode with 2 different Heroes.
  • Attacker - Divine Vengeance:
    • "We will punish all the cowards and liars who betrayed us."
    • "We will separate the wheat from the chaff in the name of the Horkos."
      • Capture 3 zones in any game mode.
  • Storied - Behind the Mask:
    • "No one can stop us. We are immortal."
    • "We are more than flesh. We are an idea."
      • Reach a Renown Score of 250 or more by the end of any match.

Event Orders

During the Tyrant's Test event, there will be a unique Event Order.

  • Knights: We Bring War
    • "We are immortal."
  • Samurai: More than Flesh
    • "We are an idea. Ideas can't be killed."
  • Vikings: Peace is Poison
    • "War is the only cure."
      • Be the faction with the most executions performed in A Tyrant's Test.
      • From July 22 to August 6


  • The Harbinger warriors in the Tyrant's Test are the respective named Heroes: Vortiger and Erzebet for Black Prior; Sakura and Yato for Hitokiri; Hulda and Gretar for Jormungandr; Sun Da and Fu Huo for Zhanhu.
  • The names for the Warmongers faced in the Tyrant's Test gamemode are as follows: Astrea, Syntribos, Smaragos, and Asbetos.
    • In Greek mythology, Astrea is a daughter of Astraeus and Eos. She is the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision. According to myth, she will come down to earth to bring the return of the utopian Golden Age of which she was the ambassador.
    • The three other Warmongers are named after three of five Daemones Ceramici, five malevolent spirits who plagued the craftsman potter. Their name respectively translate to in Greek as "the Shatterer," "the Smasher," and "the Charrer."
      • This aligns with how Apollyon's name in Greek means "the Destroyer" which is also the translation of one of the five Daemones Ceramici's name: Sabaktes. As noted for Asbetos, Asbetos does wear a gear set named "Sabaktes."
      • The last two of the Daemones Ceramici, Omodamos and Sabaktes appear later during the Tales of Rebellion events.
    • Syntribos and Asbetos take on the look of warriors seen in the season's starting cinematic and starting screen illustration.
    • Oddly enough, Asbetos does not wear the Asbetos armor set. Instead, Smaragos wears the alternate version of the armor set.
      • As noted above in the description of each Warmogner, Asbetos instead wears the Sabaktes armor set.
  • The quotes for the Event Order are derivatives of popular quotes, spinning them in a sinister manner:
    • "We are an idea. Ideas can't be killed." is a common derivative of the concept of how people can die, but ideas will live on. Typically used in a setting of revolution and uprising against oppression.
    • ""War is the only cure." is a derivative of the common saying "XXX is the only cure" which usually recites "Hope is the only cure." or "Death is the only cure."
  • The Event Exclusive Execution "Wolf among Sheep" is the first execution to have two different outcomes. While randomized, your Hero will either cut the opponent's head off while calling them a sheep, or kick them over unconscious as you name them as a wolf.
    • The first emote or execution to have this effect was the "Sword in the Stone" emote from the Rite of Champions event.




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