For Honor Wiki

Each of For Honor's Heroes has their own multiplayer level, ranging from 1 to 20. Experience in multiplayer is gained from completing gamemodes, as well as orders. XP boosts and special XP weekends can help hasten the leveling process.

When it comes to orders, the Hero you complete the order with will gain all of the experience rewarded. The experience from Orders will not be shared with other Heroes, even if another Hero did most of the work.


  • An Order requires 5 executions.
  • You first finish 4 executions with the Warden in one gamemode.
  • You perform one more as Peacekeeper in the next gamemode.
  • Result: The Peacekeeper will get all the exp from the Order.
    • The Warden gets none.

Rep & Leveling

Once at level 20, leveling up again will set the hero back to level 1, but will increase their Reputation Level by 1. Reputation is similar to prestige in other games. However, nothing is lost when your level is reset to level 1. Because of its nature being similar to Prestige, Reputation level is more important than the multiplayer level when observing one's Hero, as that is the usual sign of experience, or at least time dedicated with that Hero.

A character will gain Feats and accessible Gear rarity as they level up, with all Feats being unlocked by Rep 0, level 19, while all gear rarity is accessible by Rep 7, level 1. Leveling up also unlocks various customization options such as colors, symbols and engravings. For example, every 2nd reputation, a new Reputation outfit will be unlocked for the Hero.

Currently, the maximum reputation level is 70, although there are no rewards for each reputation past 60 because it was an oversight by the developers. however, by reaching Reputation 70, the Hero will gain the exclusive "Proudly 70" emote.

Experience Chart

The amount of experience required to level a hero up increases gradually with each level. As a result, it is much easier to level up at lower levels than at higher levels; leveling from level 15 to 16 requires as much as leveling from 4 to 6, for example.

Level XP Rep0 XP Rep1+ Level XP Rep0 XP Rep1+
1->2 400 400 3 550 600
4 700 800 5 800 1000
6 900 1150 7 1000 1300
8 1100 1450 9 1200 1600
10 1300 1700 11 1400 1800
12 1500 1900 13 1600 2000
14 1650 2050 15 1700 2100
16 1750 2150 17 1800 2200
18 1800 2200 19 1800 2200
20 1800 2200 20->1 1800 2200

Total per Level

Level XP Rep0 XP Rep1+
TOTAL 26550 33000