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Ragnar is a character that appears in For Honor's singleplayer campaign.


Ragnar battled with the viking forces at Gränsgård when the Blackstone Legion laid siege to the town. He reportedly killed forty men, including Davis. After the battle, when viking prisoners were being executed, Apollyon spared his life due to his ferocity in battle.

At some point later Ragnar was imprisoned by the vikings, though it is not known for what. He is thought of poorly by his kinsmen, as one refers to him as a "demon's son." He escaped at some point and evaded recapture.

When the viking's food supplies ran low, Ragnar lead a group of vikings that pillaged other vikings for food. He gained loyal followers, and bitter enemies during this quest, but was finally stopped when the Warborn intervened. His stores of food were raided, and Ragnar was finally killed by The Raider.


Though selfish and dishonorable, running away from a duel he was about to lose, Ragnar is no coward and would rather spend his final moments fighting. When he was about to be executed by the Blackstone Legion, he refused to lay his head down. When The Raider demanded he stop pillaging fellow Vikings, he not only chose death but embraced it with open arms.


  • Ragnar can appear as either a boss or a regular enemy before the final chapter in Arcade Mode.