The Rabbid Invasion was an unnamed mini-event in For Honor taking place during April 1st through the 2nd, 2019.

Overview Edit

As part of an April's Fools mini-event, the game was themed after Raving Rabbids for an entire day.

All soldiers and pikemen were reskinned as Raving Rabbids armed with toilet plungers or scrubbers, along with helmets of their respective faction. Their dialogue voices were also changed to Rabbid noises. These soldiers/pikemen during the intro cutscenes, together with the Commander in Breach mode, would instead have their normal models, but wear Raving Rabbid caps. Dead Rabbids turn into chicken. The announcer for all gamemodes was also replaced with a Rabbid announcer, attempting to mutter the same lines except in Rabbid speak.

Toggling between menu items caused various Rabbid cheers and yells to be played. The main menu's backdrop was changed to have all sorts of items falling in the background, from confetti to sausages to innertubes. And during loading screens, a washing machine dropped between the two teams, with the sound of Rabbids being heard from it. Music throughout the game had been tuned into the soundtrack of the Raving Rabbid series.

Although there was a unique order prior to the event, there was no unique weapons for this event. However, players who played during this event got a Melee Pack as a reward.

Pre-Event Order Edit

A Cryptic Plague - Post-Event Order - March 29 - April 1
  • Knights: "It's late, it's late! Can't you see? It needs its gloves immediately!"
  • Samurai: "On the moon, it slaves away, pounding mochi to make everyone's day."
  • Vikings: "Hundreds of beasts out to eat! Tonight, we shall feast on their feet!"

Be the faction with the most Executions performed.

Trivia Edit

  • The pre-event order makes references to rabbits of their respective culture: Alice in Wonderland for the Knights, the Rabbit on the Moon folklore for the Samurai, and the lucky Rabbit's Foot for the Vikings.
  • Prior to the event, teasers showed an upside down guard symbol together with "they are coming." Black obelisks with the same symbol also appeared on multiple maps. This teaser soon to be a bait-and-switch, as the obelisks and symbol were irrelevant to what became: the Rabbid Invasion.

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