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These cliff-side fortresses oversee large open areas featuring several catapults and ballista batteries.

They were built on cliffs that overlooked expansive tracts of strategically valuable open lands. They provide defense with heavy siege-engine barrages. A fortress features an outer perimeter where the bulk of the structure’s defenses are located and an inner perimeter where several catapults and ballista batteries operate.


The battlefield is divided into three sections: Battlefield Mid where the Soldiers clash, the wall overhang, and the balcony over the front gate that is being rammed. On both sides, there are two paths, one leading to the Battlefield by going under the bridges, another that leads upwards to access the bridge or the wall overhang. These bridges hang above, one made of wood and another made of stone, dividing the battlefield from each side's spawn. For either sides, while it is very easy to go between the wall overhang and the battlefield, there are only twos ways to access the balcony: either by the bridge access ways or the ladders that line the walls just outside the battlefield.

In the area of the wall overhang is a set of trap doors. At the start of the round, they are all closed, with the two other hatches only opening in non-duel/brawl matches when Sudden Death is triggered. Between the wall overhang and the battlefield are a set of spikes against the walls. The bridges also have openings on their sides, tall enough that none can survive the fall if pushed off its ledge.

In Dominion, the only way to access a high point like this is via siege towers. These towers are easily seen and the defenders prepare catapults and ballista to fight back. Archers on the siege towers open fire on the artillery crew, who are forced to retreat. The towers reach the wall and open, spilling troops into the fort. Left with no choice, the defenders charge into battle.


  • Before the Season 11 update, the only way to access point A (the Balcony) was by the bridges. However, because this had created chokepoints, Point A was not highly desirable in higher end play. As a result, changes were made to expand point A to cover the entire balcony along with adding ladders to access it from Battlefield.
    • The same applies to the nature of the trapdoors on point C, which opened up early on during a match. They've been changed to not open until Sudden Death, with one set of doors not opening at all.


  • Defender Gate
  • Defender's Approach
  • Stone Bridge
  • Battlefield Mid
  • Battlefield Attacker
  • Battlefield Defender
  • Broken Barricades
  • Breach
  • Wall Overhang
  • Balcony


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