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Of the three lands, this is the least hospitable. Its lands are unstable and can shift and change. Its seemingly endless jungle and dense fog can have an army marching in circles. Many areas are prone to sudden floods. Attempts to build permanent structures have resulted in disaster. And the marshes are filled with poisonous plants. This is the Myre. This is the land of the Samurai of the Dawn Empire.


The Myre is an inhospitable location that even the Knights and Vikings tried to avoid, only finally invading it to gain an advantage in their war. It is a stretch of fens, crags, and swampy wastelands. Poisonous plants and trees threaten all who aren't careful and its ever changing landscape has been responsible for entire armies vanishing without a trace. Many locations are prone to flooding, rivers swallowing up stretches of jungle one moment before receding into nothing the next.

The Myre is a lush jungle with many trees growing to the size of palaces. Unfortunately, many of the plants are poisonous.

The Samurai have come to utilize the dangers of the Myre to their advantage, creating poison bombs from the toxic plants and using the dangerous terrain to funnel armies into artillery fire.


After the Cataclysm, the Myre was left uninhabited for a long time as neither Knights nor Vikings wanted to brave what was in there. However, as the their war against each other dragged on, they began to expand into the Myre to gain an advantage over their foes. Little did they know the Samurai had come from across the ocean and begun settling in the swampy lands. The Vikings attempted to attack the Samurai with an army but were slaughtered within a day.

By present-day, the Samurai have lived in the Myre for five hundred years.[1]

During the Great Raid, three Viking scouting parties were sent to try to find a way through the swamps; none returned. It was Runa who finally found success when she located maps that would tell the Vikings how to navigate the swamp.

Notable Locations

  • Kaiyo Kabe - an ancient fortress and one of the few places a fleet could safely dock to the Myre
  • Bridge to Koto - the entrance to the Imperial city of Koto
  • Koto - the massive Imperial city of the Samurai
  • The Imperial Palace - a nigh impenetrable fortress that serves as the capital
  • Kowareta To - a village surrounded by the swamp of the Myre