Out of the tranquil marshland rises a Samurai village, a densely-populated maze of twisting alleys and unusual architecture. Here the people live in stilt houses above the water, and the landscape has necessitated a push skyward, creating multi-tiered neighborhoods at varying elevations.

Navigating the town is a significant challenge for visitors and invaders alike, but a system of ziplines and ladders are sure to expedite travel.

Overview Edit

The Market Town can seem like the most winding and dizzying maze in the game, due to the multiple floor paths on the cliff slope on top of the buildings being integrated into the nature around. However, the map is actually surprisingly simple and broken down into two sections, divided by a waterfall/river and connected by pairs of bridges.

A large tree stands uphill on the map, above the waterfall that becomes the river flowing in the middle of the map. Behind the tree, a Japanese -style mansion can be seen, overlooking the market town. If the Tree is on the Northside, the East side of the map a simple three-storied section, consisting of the Gate Entrance and Stables at the bottom, the Watermill in the middle, and the Upper Roots Path at the top.

Branching to the Westside are three distinct bridges, as mentioned above. The bridge near the Stables leads into the Main Road; the bridge at the Watermill stretches on both side of the river, adjacent to Market Street; lastly, the Upper Roots Path goes under the large tree, heading onto the rooftops of houses that look over the part of Market Street that ends at the Torii Path. Heading downhill from the Torii Path leads to a rooftop path which can be taken back to the Courtyard. Sandwiched on all sides by these four sections of the Westside is the back-alley, formally named Back-Street Rooftops, which is the cross-section of buildings and rooftops, with wooden planks providing small bridges between the aforementioned rooftops.

Scattered around the town are lanterns and cherry blossom trees, along with shrines and statues dedicated to deities. Ladders, slopes and ropelines

Sections Edit

  • Torii Path
  • Courtyard
  • Watermill
  • Back-Alley Rooftops
  • Upper Roots Path
  • Gate Entrance
  • Market Street
  • Main Road
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