For Honor Wiki

In For Honor, there are over 20 multiplayer maps that can be played on. The weather and time of day changes, depending on which faction is in ownership of the map, allowing for a multitude of moods for the battlefield. Weather changes include snow, rain, fog and arid. Time of day can be day or night, dawn or dusk. Maps have limited gamemodes they can be featured for; none of them are able to provide to be available for every gamemode. 

The maps are divided up by faction. Each faction represents a specific regional area and style. Castles and other large stone buildings are often represented by Knights, while wooden buildings among the rugged snow-capped peaks and rocky mountains are considered home to the Vikings, whereas temples and graceful architecture belong to the Samurai.

However, decorations around the map such as banners will designate which faction is in control of the supposed location. This allows for more visual variations to experience.





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