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Kizan (jp: きざん; 鬼山) is a character that appears in For Honor's single player campaign.


After Apollyon's attack on Koto and the Emperor killed, Apollyon captured and collected all Daimyo and asked one by one if they wanted to overtake the throne. All Daimyo showed their respect and honor, rejecting Apollyon's invitation, and were killed, until Seijuro admitted ambitiously that he'd take the throne. Apollyon lets Seijuro take the throne, leaving four more Daimyo, including Kizan. Apollyon decides to have the four Daimyo be dumped in the swamp, left to fend against each other.

Ayu hunts down Kizan in a bold attempt to stop a civil war from occuring between the Samurai Daimyo. Finding him surrounded by his own men, she cuts them down to reach him. Not able to trust Kizan, Ayu slays him.


Kizan is described as a greedy man. Ayu claims that he would take more than what the Samurai clans could provide. He was also a war criminal according to Ayu.


  • In arcade mode Kizan can appear as an enemy.
  • During the final cutscene of the story chapter Duty, Kizan wears the Blademane ornament than his designated Rising Storm ornament (visible above in the profile image).