I've seen you take scalps.” - Runa
 “It's different!” - Helvar
Helvar is a character that appears in For Honor's singleplayer campaign.

Overview Edit

Helvar is a Viking Berserker that helped take down Ragnar and free his fellow Warborn from Siv. Once this was complete, he joined his fellow Warborn in the Great Raid.

Personality Edit

Helvar was rather laid back and had an easy going personality. He also had a somewhat snarky attitude. Helvar was a good friend of Stigandr and was eager to see him released from prison. Runa is disturbed by the fact that Helvar sometimes collects scalps from his enemies. Along with being skilled in wielding his hand axes, Helvar has shown he is also quite good at throwing them, embedding three of them into a door and one into the Warlord that answered the door in rapid succession.

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