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Heathmoor is the fictional region in which the majority of the game For Honor takes place in. It encompasses the three "lands" of the temperate Ashfeld, the cold Valkenheim and the swampy Myre.

As of current, Heathmoor is inhabited by four different factions: the Knights who occupy Ashfeld, the Vikings who reside in Valkenheim, the Samurai who are situated within the Myre, and the Wu Lin who roam the region without a place to call home.


Heathmoor is a region which happened to be where three factions intersected hundreds of years ago: the Knights who originally inhabited the region to the Southwest; the Vikings who have homes in the North, but periodically leave and return on journeys; lastly, the Samurai who ventured from far in the East, finding a new home in the swamplands in the Southeast.

Later on, warriors from the Wu Lin faction would migrate to Heathmoor. While they don't have their own recognized land, they have instead created a great wall to the East over the passage way known as Qiang Pass. Any other Wu Lin warrior simply roams the land freely.


Heathmoor is a mix of multiple ecosystems, but primarily is one of three kinds of climates: temperate in the Southwest, tundra in the North and wetlands in the Southeast. The Northeast part of Heathmoor stems out into an ocean, with either a strait or canal cutting through the Valkenheim region towards the West.


  • Mount Ignis is the most recognizable landmark in Heathmoor, being the region's only active volcano. On the Eastern edges of Ashfeld, it sits right under the Blackstone Hills. Mount Ignis has been the cause of many natural disasters in Heathmoor, from causing many areas in Ashfeld to be uninhabitable to causing long winters in Valkenheim.


  • Due to the Cataclysm, it is hard to pinpoint where Heathmoor would be located in the real world map as the Cataclysm could have caused shifts in ecosystem and land formations. However, due to the Knights and Vikings being the original residents of the land, it can be assumed that Heathmoor is likely located in Europe, particularly the northern part of Central Europe.