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Harrowgate is a sanctuary in Ashfeld.


Harrowgate is a city in Ashfeld, supposedly a place where its residents are secure from outside threats surrounded by high walls with a Citadel Gate that stands between the sanctuary within and invaders. It is unknown how strong it is at its peak but with the degradation of the Iron Legion, Harrowgate suffered as its defenses began to fall to shambles. When the Viking hordes came to loot the sanctuary, its defenses were too weak to hold off the attack on its own.


Harrowgate is a city in Ashfeld that was controlled by the Iron Legion with Commander Stone in charge of its defenses. The original foundation was actually built by The Great Empire. The Knights would discover its ruins and rebuild the crumbling structures to suit their need. During the era of peace, the Iron Legion fell into disarray and the defenses of Harrowgate began to crumble. It came under attack by Vikings, who devastated the Iron Legion. The defenders were able to keep them outside the city but defeat was all but inevitable. The Blackstone Legion sent The Warden to aid in battle. Alongside Stone, The Warden was able to secure a victory for the knights and repel the Vikings. However, it had become evident that the Iron Legion could not hold the walls and defend the city so the sanctuary fell under the control of the Blackstone Legion.

When the Blackstone Legion fell, Harrowgate became vulnerable once more. This allowed a band of Samurai rebels led by Seijuro to lay claim to it. However, he would be defeated and the sanctuary would change hands once more.

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