Guardians are elite warriors serving inside castles and fortresses, tasked with protecting a boost shrine. These warriors must be killed in order to obtain the boost


Guardians are elite warriors hailing from a secret religious order comprised of warriors from all factions but loyal to none. Their only loyalty is their order and their sacred message. Guardians are sent to all the factions to spread this message. Their warriors are often found inside castles, fortresses, and strongholds usually in a place of religious significance where they can pass the time meditating and praying. Though serving inside the fortress, as mentioned above, they are not loyal to its occupiers. Their duty is to guard the boost shrine and they will kill any who they deem unworthy of its power.

Guardians who stray from the path are hunted down and killed.


In Breach, the Guardian can be found in a side room during the second phase on the opposite side of the archer points. They spawn within 2:30 minutes after the first gate is breached. They will wait in the center of the room for a challenger. Guardians will kill anyone who enters and gets too close. Whoever can kill the Guardian will earn a special Guardian buff for any teammates in the Guardian's Lair, with the buff providing the following:

  • Instant full health.
  • Instant Revenge Activation with 100% shield.
  • Infinite Stamina, 1000% damage increase against Pikemen and 50% damage reduction from Pikemen (2 minutes duration).
  • The Guardian Eyes Visual Effect to indicate that the Guardian Reward is active on a player.

All Guardian buff modifiers are lost upon death.

After being slain, the Guardian will respawn after 2:30 minutes. This allows either team another chance to gain another set of boosts.

Guardians will take the appearance of the faction of the map, not of the defending team.


In combat, Guardians are very aggressive, acting much like a Defense form Highlander, but able to perform uninterruptible attacks without needing to enter an Attack form. They rarely pause between attacks to regain stamina. When they are out of stamina, they play defensive until they get it back. Their Heavy Attacks are powerful, unblockable and uninterruptible, but are slow enough to be easily parried. They will also sometimes use their light attack, which are uninterruptible and swift.

When they are overwhelmed, they will drop an explosive bomb at their feet. They also take ~65% less damage from feats (with a few exceptions), so it is more efficient to fight them head on than using feats to whittle the Guardian down.

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