Guard Break is a gameplay mechanic in For Honor. Using Guard Break allows the player to make an attempt at disrupting the opposing player's stance. If successful, the player can follow up with a grab and throw if they perform this additional maneuver quickly. Any hesitation will negate the opportunity.

A Guard Break attempt can be interrupted by the opposing player by using (X) on a controller or MMB on a mouse. This move shoves the hero, forcing them to take a step back and the attempted break becomes ineffective. As with the Guard Break, the timing of the interrupt is essential. It must be performed at the beginning of the Guard Break attempt, or it will fail.

Guard Breaking a Hero into a wall or other vertical surface will stun that Hero temporarily, allowing the other to successfully hit them with at least one light attack without potential to block or dodge it. It can also allow for other actions such as another Guard Break soon after.

Guard Breaking an enemy into another Hero of any team will stun both Heroes.

While in Revenge Mode, Guard Breaking a Hero will make them fall for a few seconds, making them vulnerable.

Tactics Edit

Using a Guard Break will consume a large portion of stamina for both heroes, making follow-up attacks potentially risky. Therefor, It is advised to only use Guard Breaks for a viable reason, such as when near a wall ledge, or another hero.

Many map hazards exist in For Honor, which make for potentially harmful or deadly Guard Breaks. Below is a list of useful map hazards for Heroes.

- Spiked barricades or walls, which are featured in many maps such as Beachhead

- Liquid surfaces, like water or lava, which are seen in almost every map

- High ledges or designated pits, which are seen in almost every map

- Standing on an active geyser in Cathedral

- Activated traps like cauldrons, the spike ball on Viking Village, or the deadly spike traps on Overwatch

For Peacekeepers, using a light attack immediately after preforming a Guard Break will result in the Peacekeeper stabbing the Hero a maximum of three times, causing bleed damage. However, the enemy Hero may cease this after the first stab by interrupting this.

Trivia Edit

  • When an Orochi or Peacekeeper Guard Breaks a Hero, they will push themselves back. This makes it more difficult to preform immediate follow-up attacks.
    • Both Heroes use a unique animation for this. The Orochi will put a foot onto the hero's torso, then use the momentum to kick back. The Peacekeeper will use both feet to "walk" upon the hero, then fly into the air, landing farther away from the hero.
  • Guard Breaking most NPCs continuously will kill them to prevent them diverging from their path.
    • In some situations, a certain NPC may have Guard Break immunity, usually caused by them being too far from their original territory. With Commanders, them having the ability to activate Revenge Mode automatically gives them immunity to Guard Breaks. When Guardians are out of their shrine area, they also gain Guard Break immunity.
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