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"Some of you have known me under other names, like the name of some callous demon or a name of a foolish knight. Yet today, I have another name. It was given to me by people who could have left me to die. But instead, they taught me the true meaning of courage."

"So, listen to me, warriors. Don't let some mad tyrants play God with your lives. Fight for the people who saw the good in you. fight for those who will want to remember you. "

"Come on, warriors! Show them how you fight!"

Gryphons are a playable hero class in For Honor.


Some say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but this could not be farther from the truth for the one who was once known as Holden Cross. The well-known veteran went on a transformative journey across Heathmoor after leaving the Lawbringers. Fighting as a mercenary, he encountered warriors from all factions, who set their differences aside and taught him more than he could ever imagine. They even gave him a new name – Gryphon, the warrior with the heart of a lion and the piercing eyes of an eagle.

Today, Gryphon is determined to make amends for his past life as a Blackstone by helping the Chimera Alliance become a beacon of hope in these dark times. Using the Draconite abused by the Horkos against them, Gryphon will guide the rebellion to victory.


Since he left the Lawbringers, Gryphon has worn improvised gear. With the help of his mercenary friends, he scavenged battlefields and adjusted pieces he could find to create his own armors. His preferred attires are usually not too sophisticated, emulating the culture he takes the armor from. He favors function over form, but sometimes wears ornate pieces that were gifted to him by former patrons and allies.


Bardiche - A polearm with a distinctly long blade edge for its axe-head, Holden Cross picked it up as it was reminiscent of the poleaxe he stopped using.

Known Gryphons


  • A Gryphon, also known as a Griffin or Griffon, is a legendary creature that is part lion, part eagle. Because of its feature being the mix of the "king of beasts" and "king of birds," it was thought to be a very powerful and majestic creature. Often, it is depicted to be the guardian of treasures and divinity.
  • In lore, Holden Cross took up the name "Gryphon" when a child nicknamed him such according to a daily order lore from the Tales of Rebellion Part 3 event.
    • Otherwise, Gryphon had no Hero Class lore, as all lore focused on Holden Cross being the sole holder of the title. This was despite the fact that leaks existed, with lore showing plans for the Gryphon Hero class to be released as a band of militia.
      • The class lore according to leaks: Holden Cross's new name "Gryphon" comes from a term used to describe the most revered and talented nomads known to the factions. The Gryphons are warriors who have traveled to every corner of Heathmoor, searching for wisdom, combat skills, and culture from factions outside their own. They fashion themselves in armor bearing designs and structure from cultures they've immersed themselves in to honor the knowledge they've accumulated on their journeys. While the Gryphons were never an organized, militarized people, they now band together under Holden Cross's influence to aid the Chimera Alliance in destroying the Order of Horkos.
    • This is the first time Ubisoft has released a hero's narrative-counterpart's lore before any class lore. This wasn't been well-received by some fans due to a perceived restriction of character creativity.
      • During the Kyoshin reveal stream during the Mirage season, the developers reiterated how each hero is intended to be a blank slate for the player to create a backstory for, just as all Heroes were intended to be seen as. This was likely a response to some players' frustration over the lack of class lore for Gryphon.
    • During the Chimera Banquet, it is described that a group of veteran warriors called "Heralds" helped conquer a stronghold (Daubeny's castle) for the Chimera. It is heavily alluded that these veterans may be the other Gryphon warriors, although it is also possible that these warriors were made up of existing Hero classes.
  • The Gryphon Hero is a polyglot, a multilingual individual who can either actively or passively communicate in multiple languages. This is emulated in-game where the Hero will speak specific lines in either Latin, Icelandic, Japanese or Chinese.
    • The Gryphon Hero is also the first Hero whose dialogue responds to enemy and allied Heroes (and Captains) based on that Hero's faction affiliation (ie. if Gryphon is revived by a Wu Lin Hero, he will thank them in Chinese); furthermore, he has specific lines for Warmonger when performing chain finishers. This is reminiscent of the Responsive Dialogue System that was meant to be added late 2018, allowing Heroes to react differently based on who their opponent was.
  • The Gryphon is the first Knight Hero whose default set does not have some kind of headgear or mask that obscures the face in any way.
    • Although the Black Prior's default set has a helm that is open in the front, the chainmail coif does mask a part of the Hero's face.
  • The Gryphon is the first hero to have armor from multiple cultures, as his collection of armor pieces is a show of the time he spent traveling and being with them.
    • Certain armor sets reveal that Greek, Mongolian and Korean cultures have survived the Cataclysm, having set up a civilization somewhere.
  • The Bardiche as the Gryphon's main weapon works surprisingly well as the three other faction's cultures have weapons similar to the Bardiche.
    • The Bardiche is widely believed to have been developed from the earlier Sparth or Dane axes of the Viking age, alongside the late-Medieval Pollaxe.
    • Japan has the Tsukushi Naginata (筑紫薙刀), a Naginata variation specific to Tsukishi, a region in northern Kyushu. Unlike most Naginata where the blade is connected through the use of a tang just like a sword, the Tsukushi variant is connected by a socket (just like the Bardiche) at the bottom of the blade.
    • While the Wu Lin do not have a weapon that exactly matches that of the Bardiche, forms of the Guan Dao often feature blades that are more axe-like than sword-like; spears as well often feature crescent axe blades held at two points.
  • Just like the Warmongers, the Gryphon is a genderlocked Hero but features Alternate armor variation.
    • For the most part, Alternate armor variations are an "infantry grade" visual counterpart to their normal variant, featuring no cape and less flare. However, when it comes to the Asian influenced sets of Pathfinder, Disciple and Informer, there is a divide between the Normal and Alternate version between Chinese-influence and Japanese-influence respectively.
      • The chest pieces lack a cape in the Normal variant, replaced with a decorative rope tassels reminiscent of Chinese knotting instead. Additionally, the Normal and Alternate variants have different frontal chest plate designs: the Normal variant has the Chinese-inspired circular plate, while the Alternate variant has the Japanese-inspired square plate.
      • The arm pieces swap the right shoulder protection between the two variants. For the Alternate variant, both shoulders are covered by a Japanese-inspired sode shoulder plate. In the Normal variant, the right shoulder protection is much more akin to a Chinese-inspired fur-lined lamellar armor.
      • The helmets for these sets follow the normal rules of Normal/Alternate variants, where the Normal one is a more decorated version of the Alternate variant.
    • All Alternate armor will appear with the set's name, plus the "Alternate" suffix. For example, the Alternate set for the Mercenary set is "Mercenary Alternate."
    • When certain armor visuals are accessible reflect Gryphon's journey outside of Heathmoor in chronological order: Common to Rare rarity gear are meant to be armor that Gryphon wore during the early parts of his journey, which were mostly in Eastern European-like territories. Heroic to Epic rarity gear feature armor that represents his journey East where he encountered Asian cultures. Finally, Legendary rarity gear depicts his journey back towards Heathmoor, where he encountered the Greco-Roman cultures on the way.
    • Like the Harbinger heroes and Warmongers before, the Gryphon's Ornaments are placed on his shoulders.
  • The Gryphon shares a number of animations with previous heroes, as the Gryphon had learnt combat from all the factions. Corners may have been cut due to the pandemic and ensuing quarantine that occurred during the Year of Reckoning.
    • As Holden Cross was once a Lawbringer, even using the Bardiche due to how similar it is to the poleaxe, unsurprisingly, he shares animations and moves with them:
      • Gryphon Shove is similar to the Lawbringer's Shove move.
      • Dauntless Chase is similar to the Lawbringer's the Long Arm, albeit being performed as a sprint attack.
      • Gryphon's Light Attack Combo has similarities to the Lawbringer's Swift Justice Finisher and Light Riposte.
      • The Gryphon's Guardbreak animation is similar to that of the Lawbringer's.
    • Veteran's Kick and Top Heavy Finisher are similar to Highlander's Formorian Kick and Celtic Curse respectively.
    • Helm Cleaver is similar to Kensei's Helm Splitter. He also mimics the Kensei's ability to chain from Guardbreaks and Throws.
    • Forceful Swirl is similar to Jiang Jun's Fatal Swirl.
    • Soul Cleaver is similar to both Jiang Jun's Mighty Backlash and Kensei's Swift Strike.
    • The Gryphon also shares animations from these heroes and others, although they have been altered to be unique to Gryphon. Whether or not these are actually borrowed assets is up to question.
  • Just like the Warmongers, although the Gryphon is assigned as being a Knight Hero, he will not use the feats Fiat Lux, Pugno Mortis, and Catapult which are present on most Knight Heroes. Instead, he borrows feats that are exclusive to other factions, such as Arrow Storm from the Samurai and Fury from the Vikings, due to him learning from other factions.
    • This is also reflected in his unique feats, which are inspired by feats that are unique to each faction: Stern Stare is influenced by the Samurai's Chilling Stare; Draconite Mist is influenced by the Wu Lin's Soothing Mist; Draconite Bolt is influenced by the Knight's Crossbow; Draconite Cleanser is influenced by the Viking's Fire Flask.
    • This also seems to extend to what cosmetics Gryphon has access to, as he has access to outfits that are faction-restricted, such as the Samurai's "Northern Dragon", the Wu Lin's "Lone Xuebao" and the Viking's "Valhalla's Eikthyrnir" Illustrious sets.
  • Gryphon, together with the Lawbringer and Holden Cross, is voiced by Evan Buliung.


  • Veteran's Kick
    • Icelandic: "Fjallabrjótur!" - English: "Mountain breaker!"
  • Top Heavy Finisher and Veteran's Slash
    • Icelandic: "Til Orrustu!" - English: "To battle!"
  • Helm Cleaver (Forward Dodge Light)
    • Japanese: "死ね" (Shine) - English: "Die!"
  • Mind Cleaver (Forward Dodge Heavy)
    • Japanese: "尋常に勝負" (Jinjou ni shoubu) - English: "Let's have an honourable showdown!"
  • Soul Cleaver (Side Dodge Heavy)
    • Chinese: "你死定了" (Nǐ sǐ dìng le) - English: "You're dead!"
  • Gryphon Shove
    • Latin: "Para te!" - English: "Prepare yourself!"
  • Dauntless Chase (Sprint Attack)
    • Latin: "Nōlo superstes!" - English: "I take no survivors!"
  • On Respawn
    • Latin: "Factus pugnare debeo!" - English: "I ought to keep fighting!"
    • Latin: "Conficiamus eos!" - English: "Let's finish them!"
    • Latin: "Sectus opus noster nobis!" - English: "Our work is cut out for us!"

Guardbreak Throw
  • When the target Enemy is a Knight:
    • Latin: "Move!" - English: "Move!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Viking:
    • Icelandic: "Farðu!" - English: "Get away!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Samurai:
    • Japanese: "どうだ" (Dou da) - English: "How's this?"
  • When the target Enemy is a Wu Lin:
    • Chinese: "滚开" (Gǔn kāi) - English: "Piss off!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Knight:
    • Latin: "Non hodie!" - English: "Not today!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Viking:
    • Icelandic: "Núna!" - English: "Now!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Samurai:
    • Japanese: "甘い" (Amai) - English: "Naive!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Wu Lin:
    • Chinese: "做梦" (Zuòmèng) - English: "In your dreams."
Chain Finishers (Note: Triggers on Light Finishers, Heavy Finishers and Veteran's Slash)
  • When the target Enemy is a Knight:
    • Latin: "Veni ad me!" - English: "Come at me!"
    • Latin: "Pugnemus." - English: "Let's fight."
    • Latin: "Tibi fieri!" - English: "Done unto you!"
    • Latin: "Pugna mecum!" - English: "Fight with me!"
    • Latin: "Modo finitur!" - English: "It's finished!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Warmonger:
    • Latin: "Mori in igni!" - English: "Die in a fire!"
    • Latin: "Futue te ipsum!" - English: "Go fuck yourself!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Viking:
    • Icelandic: "Þú munt deyja!" - English: "You will die!"
    • Icelandic: "Ég drep þig!" - English: "I'll kill you!"
    • Icelandic: "Komdu!" - English: "Come on!"
    • Icelandic: "Þú ert búinn!" - English: "You're done!"
    • Icelandic: "Berjumst!" - English: "Let's fight!"
    • Icelandic: "Þorirðu?" - English: "Do you dare?"
  • When the target Enemy is a Samurai:
    • Japanese: "さぁ、来い" (Saa, koi) - English: "Come on now!"
    • Japanese: "来い" (Koi) - English: "Come on!"
    • Japanese: "かかってこい" (Kakattekoi) - English: "Bring it on!"
    • Japanese: "食らえ" (Kurae) - English: "Take this!"
    • Japanese: "戦え" (Tatakae) - English: "Fight (me)!"
    • Japanese: "負けん" (Maken) - English: "I won't lose!"
  • When the target Enemy is a Wu Lin:
    • Chinese: "来决斗" (Lái juédòu) - English: "Come duel."
    • Chinese: "来吧" (Lái ba) - English: "Come on."
    • Chinese: "出招吧" (Chū zhāo ba) - English: "Make your move!"
  • When the Ally reviving Gryphon is a Knight:
    • Latin: "Ignosce." - English: "Forgive (me)."
  • When the Ally reviving Gryphon is a Viking:
    • Icelandic: "Fyrirgefðu." - English: "Forgive me."
  • When the Ally reviving Gryphon is a Samurai:
    • Japanese: "すまぬ" (Sumanu) - English: "Sorry."
  • When the Ally reviving Gryphon is a Wu Lin:
    • Chinese: "多谢" (Duōxiè) - English: "Many thanks."

  • Stern Stare
    • Japanese: "雑魚が" (Zako ga) - English: "You small fry!"
  • Draconite Mist
    • Chinese: "亲受" (Qīn shòu) - English: "By my hands!"
  • Draconite Bolt
    • Latin: "Mors tua, vita nostra." - English: "Your death, our life."
  • Fury
    • Icelandic: "Nú er ég reiður!" - English: "Now I'm angry!"
  • Draconite Cleanser
    • Icelandic: "Hreinsum!" - English: "Cleanse!"
  • Champion's Aura
    • Icelandic: "Fáum okkur hressingu!" – English: "Let's have some refreshment!"
  • Arrow Storm
    • Japanese: "火を" (Hi o) - English: "(Rain) fire!"
      • Possibly mistranslated from the English phrase "Fire (a bow)," instead translated as a synonym to "flame."

  • References

    Fighting Style

    A well-known veteran returns to unite the Alliance against the Horkos. The one who is now known as 'Gryphon' has traveled far and wide, learned fighting techniques from warriors across all of Heathmoor and added his own deadly twist to them. Wielding the bardiche, this charismatic leader excels in all situations and keeps his allies alive to fight another day.

    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Support/Healer
    • Good Melee Range

    Special Capabilities

    • All Finishers are Veteran Moves, featuring special properties
    • Versatile kit that allows Gryphon to deal with ganks along with accessing their core Kick mix-up
    • Many supportive feats to heal allies


    Available Perks for the Gryphon can be viewed on the Perks page.


    Tier 1st 2nd 3rd
    1 Stern Stare

    Lower an enemy's attack by 25%.

    Unlocked at level 1

    Speed Revive

    Passive | Rapidly revive fallen teammates.

    Unlocked at level 5
    1 - Speed Revive.png
    Fast Recovery

    Passive | Stamina regenerates faster.

    Unlocked at level 13
    1 - Fast recovery.png
    2 Draconite Mist

    Heal yourself and nearby allies.

    Unlocked at level 1
    Flesh Wound

    Passive | Gain moderate Damage reduction every 3 seconds.

    Unlocked at level 7
    Winner's Advantage

    Passive | Gain a temporary buff after a successful attack.

    Unlocked at level 15
    3 Drconite Bolt

    Fire a bolt that deals damage to an enemy and heals your allies that are near the target.

    Unlocked at level 1
    Tough as Nails

    Passive | Raises max Health when unlocked.

    Unlocked at level 9

    Raise sprint speed slightly and attack and defense greatly.

    Unlocked at level 17
    4 Draconite Cleanser

    Throw a projectile that deals damage to enemies upon explosion, then creates a zone that heals you and your allies.

    Unlocked at level 1
    Champion's Aura

    Gain an aura which heals you and nearby allies

    Unlocked at level 11
    Arrow Storm

    Aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple areas.

    Unlocked at level 1
    4 - Arrow Storm-0.png



    • Renown: Hybrid - Renown is balanced across activities.
    • Revenge Mode - Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
    • Defense: Static - Your Guard Stance remains active in the direction you designate, even when performing a Dodge.

    Hero Specific

    • Light Attack Combo - If a Basic Chain Light Opener hits, the second Light Attack from the same direction is guaranteed but deals less damage.
    • Veteran's Moves - All Finisher moves have special properties.
      • Veteran's Scolding - All Light Finishers are Undodgeable.
      • Veteran's Lesson - All Heavy Finishers (excluding Veteran's Slash) are Uninterruptible.
    • Veteran's Kick - Input a Guardbreak (MMB for PC, X for XB1, ⬜ for PS4) instead of a Chain Finisher to perform Veteran's Kick.
      • Veteran's Slash - If Veteran's Kick lands, Gryphon can input a Heavy to perform a guaranteed Top Heavy Finisher.
    • Chain Starters - Forceful Swirl, Gryphon's Shove (on-hit only), and a successful Guardbreak counts as a Chain Starter, and can be followed into the second Light or Heavy attack in the Chain.
      • Mid-Chain Starters - Helm Cleaver, Mind Cleaver, Soul Cleaver, and Guardbreak Throws count as the second attack in a Chain, therefore can be followed with any Chain Finisher, including Veteran's Kick.
    • Extended Dodge Attack - Soul Cleaver has an extended dodge property, allowing the Gryphon to avoid attacks more easily.
    • Dauntless Chase - Upon landing Dauntless Chase, Gryphon will pin the target, proceeding to lift them up and over behind himself.
      • Special Knock Downs - Although the target of Dauntless Chase will be knocked down at the end of the move, they won't be counted as being on the floor for moves such as Centurion's Eagle's Talon and Jormungandr's Hamarr Slam.
    • Ironclad Tactician - After performing a parry, the next immediate Light, Heavy or Forceful Swirl will gain Uninterruptible properties.


    (From Guard Mode)

    Icon Legend

    Type Name PC XB1 PS4
    Chain Attack icon.png Hymn of the Winged Lion LMB or RMB, LMB or RMB, LMB or RMB RB or RT, RB or RT, RB or RT R1 or R2, R1R1 or R2, R1 or R2
    Forceful Swirl LMB + RMB RB + RT R1 + R2
    Knocked Down icon.png Dauntless Chase (Not in Guard Mode) ↑ + RMB LS↓ + RT LS↓ + R2
    Push Back icon.pngUnblockable icon.png Veteran's Kick (after second Attack in Chain) MMB X
    Push Back icon.pngUnblockable icon.png Veteran's Kick & Slash (after second Attack in Chain) MMB ♦, RMB X ♦, RT ⬜ ♦, R2
    Helm Cleaver W + Space, LMB LS + A, RB LS + X, R1
    Mind Cleaver W + Space, RMB LS + A, RT LS + X, R2
    Soul Cleaver A or D + Space, RMB LS← or LS→ + A, RT LS← or LS→ + X, R2
    Push Back icon.pngUnblockable icon.png Gryphon's Shove W + Space, MMB LS + A, X LS + X, ⬜


    Heads_Will_Fly Flipped_Over Heads_Will_Roll
    Crossed_Off Verdict_Of_Chimera


    Passive Stance

    You,_Here Showing_Off Senior's_Frustration
    Self_Punching Rallying_Cheer Mentor's_Threat

    Fighting Stance

    Humble_Salute Facepalm Elder's_Depression
    Choosing_A_Target Call_To_Arms Bummer



    Requiescat In Pace


    Rampage Of Ragnarok


    Cheaty Flute


    Blow Your Own Horn


    Harpy Hey Joe


    Lute Not


    Sylvan Vaporization


    Horkos Pharmakos


    Sylvan Metamorphasis


    Revenant Slayer


    Ulfhednar Killer


    Shiryo Avenger


    Jiangshi Banisher


    Minified And Put Aside


    Minified And Magnified


    Minified And Stomped


    Minified And Kicked Away


    Wolf Among Sheep


    Ilma's Scythe


    Cane You Feel It


    Brought You A Gift


    Chimera Salvation


    Blades of the Vanguards


    Resounding Defeat


    Deadly Hare


    Sylvan Detachment


    To The Great Beyond


    Feast Upon The Weak


    The Masquerade Is Over


    Unquenchable Wolf


    Farewell, Chimera Music Box


    Farewell, Chimera Zither


    Farewell, Horkos Bagpipe


    Farewell, Horkos Violin


    Wrathful Concision


    Willful Concision


    Sorrowful Concision


    Artful Concision


    Aegir's Reach


    Anchors Down


    Chill Out


    Death Metal Triangle


    Fish In A Barrel


    Get Whale Soon


    Off The Hook


    The Huntress' Prey


    Ran's Bestowment


    What Goes Around


    Just Add Oil


    Passive Stance


    The Bard's Instrument


    Sword In The Stone


    Ready To Rumble


    Volcanic Destruction Blast


    Jack O Lantern


    Leap Of Faith


    Penguin Walk


    Vortiger's Ascent


    Shadows of the Hitokiri


    Zhanhu's Fire


    Dubious Assessment


    One Of Your Shrugs


    Howl At The Moon


    Confused Warrior


    Skeptically Swaying


    Horkos Grimoire


    Sylvan Book


    Sylvan Meditation


    In ChaRAHcter


    Muscular Archer


    Muscular Biceps


    Message Board


    Sylvan Panacea


    Selfish Drinker


    Chimera Bagpipe


    Chimera Music Box


    Chimera Violin


    Chimera Zither


    Horkos Bagpipe


    Horkos Music Box


    Horkos Violin


    Horkos Zither




    Raising Glasses


    Suspended Gong


    The Bodhran


    The Field Drum


    Suspicious Tumbleweed


    Elegant Dance


    The Bard's Triangle


    Gryphon's Fireside

    Fighting Stance


    Snowball Fight!





    Benedicto Militis


    Death By Catapult


    Passive Stance


    Down The Hatch! (Knight)


    Rub Salt In The Wound (Knight)


    Banner Of Arms (Knight)







    Knights Warden - Conqueror - Peacekeeper - Lawbringer -Centurion
    Gladiator - Black Prior - Warmonger - Gryphon
    Samurai Kensei - Shugoki - Orochi - Nobushi
    Shinobi - Aramusha - Hitokiri - Kyoshin
    Vikings Raider - Warlord - Berserker - Valkyrie
    Highlander - Shaman - Jormungandr
    Wu Lin Tiandi - Jiang Jun - Nuxia - Shaolin - Zhanhu
    The Outlanders Pirate - ??? - ???