Gretar is a skeptic turned devoted follower, ready to show his faith through blood.


Gretar was a non-believer.

He embraced the battle cry of all Vikings that calls them to war, but he despised the fanaticism of the Jormungandr cult. So when he found himself fighting alongside one of its members, he moved with caution. Gretar always kept his guard around the Jormungandr. These fanatics could not be trusted.

Yet the two were an unstoppable force whose deeds became legendary. During one bloody battle, they cornered a clutch of Knights at the grand cliffs of Happvad. The odds were against them, yet the Jormungandr prophesied in a strange craze that the Gods were about to punish the impious Knights…

Then a great rumble overwhelmed the land. The mighty sea rose up, reaching the tops of the cliffs and crashing upon them. A great wave pushed the entire legion of Knights to the precipice. Gretar was knocked to the ground and washed to the cliff’s edge. As the sea pummelled him, Gretar clung to the edge while his comrade chanted nonsense to the sea.

Then… the sea suddenly stopped its angry assault. The Jormungandr grabbed Gretar and hauled him up to safety. No sooner was he free of death’s grip then the sea struck again. The Jormungandr gave praise to the Gods. Gretar fell to his knees and stared in wonder. It was against Nature’s laws, and yet the water answered the Jormungandr’s call.

In that moment, Gretar became a changed man. He embraced the initiation ceremony and took up the Jormungandr war hammer.

As if his eyes had been opened, Gretar fought thereafter as a proud Jormungandr, culling the weak in preparation for Ragnarok.



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