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"The Iron Legion traces its roots to a much older culture. An ancient empire, led by Centurions, believed to be lost in the destruction. They weren't lost. I have met them." -Apollyon

Before Ashfeld, before the Iron Legion, before The Cataclysm, there was The Great Empire. It was a glorious dynasty that had fallen but now prepares to rise from the ashes.


Their legacy was legendary with a grand army that inspired generations of soldiers and struck fear into their enemies. At the head of those armies were the Centurions, legendary soldiers and military commanders. Tales of their greatness spread far and wide.

Then, The Cataclysm struck. During the chaos, their empire was swallowed by the earth. All that remained were their accomplishments that had, miraculously, withheld. These accomplishments would ultimately inspire many of the knights in Ashfeld, especially the Iron Legion, who could claim the ruins and rebuild them with their own touches. Harrowgate and other fortresses were such locations, built during the time of The Great Empire then rebuilt by the Iron Legion.

However, The Empire survived. They were wounded but alive, existing to the South-West of Ashfeld. Only a small handful such as Apollyon had laid eyes on them. But with the renewal of the Great War, they made their presence known. They ally with the knights, sending their legendary Centurions to aid the war effort. But their numbers are still too low to make a real difference, so they also call upon their Gladiators as well.

Their empire may be in ashes but they intend to rise from it.


  • Centurion - Military leaders and the pride of the Great Empire.
  • Gladiator - Arena fighters have been called out of the arena out of desperation.

Notable Soldiers of the Empire

  • Labeo - a Centurion who helped shape up the rebelling forces on the Knight's side. He serves as the Knight representative of the Chimera Alliance.
  • Gaius - A Centurion and one of the diplomats representing the knights during the Truce of Wyverndale. He was slain by the Warmongers when they assaulted The Shard.
  • Octavius - A Centurion celebrated for his conquest of Mt Ignis.
  • Asterion - Asterion the Gladiator defeated the mighty Golden Hind.
  • The Eternal - A fearsome Horkos Centurion who was killed by the Savior, a Chimera Berserker. Their identity would be taken up by another Centurion after their demise.


  • The Empire is heavily based off the Roman Empire, its real-life counterpart, and is probably the Roman Empire itself.

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