In Multiplayer, each hero has unique gear that they can equip in customization. Their armor and weapons are composed of three different pieces each, six in total. The armor is made up of the Helm, Arms, and Chest. The weapon's pieces are dependent on the hero, as not all weapons have a blade, hilt, etc.


Perks offense
Perks defense
Perks assist

Each gear piece (equipment slot) has perks associated with it. The numerical values of these perks can differ from one drop to the next.

A perk becomes active when the total value for it across all equipped pieces is at least 600.

Descriptions of gear perks can be seen in game: Game Menu → Customize → Perk Definitions.


Gear perks replaced gear stats in Marching Fire update 2.01.0.

Gear upgrade

Gear level is a number displayed in the bottom left corner of the icon. It increases the numerical values of the perks.


Gear level can be increased at the cost of Salvage and Steel. The cost increases based on level:

  • --------------------Common Gear--------------------
  • 1 → 2 costs 9 Salvage and 15 Steel
  • 2 → 3 costs 11 Salvage and 20 Steel
  • 3 → 4 costs 15 Salvage and 25 Steel
  • 4 → 5 costs 18 Salvage and 30 Steel
  • 5 → 6 costs 23 Salvage and 35 Steel
  • --------------------Rare Gear--------------------
  • 7 → 8 costs 45 Salvage and 40 Steel
  • 8 → 9 costs 55 Salvage and 50 Steel
  • 9 → 10 costs 70 Salvage and 60 Steel
  • 10 → 11 costs 80 Salvage and 70 Steel
  • 11 → 12 costs 95 Salvage and 80 Steel
  • --------------------Heroic Gear--------------------
  • 13 → 14 costs 110 Salvage and 85 Steel
  • 14 → 15 costs 130 Salvage and 100 Steel
  • 15 → 16 costs 155 Salvage and 115 Steel
  • 16 → 17 costs 180 Salvage and 130 Steel
  • 17 → 18 costs 210 Salvage and 145 Steel
  • --------------------Epic Gear--------------------
  • 19 → 20 costs 240 Salvage and 155 Steel
  • 20 → 21 costs 285 Salvage and 175 Steel
  • 21 → 22 costs 335 Salvage and 195 Steel
  • 22 → 23 costs 390 Salvage and 215 Steel
  • 23 → 24 costs 450 Salvage and 235 Steel
  • --------------------Legendary Gear--------------------
  • 25 → 26 costs 450 Salvage and 245 Steel
  • 26 → 27 costs 495 Salvage and 275 Steel
  • 27 → 28 costs 545 Salvage and 305 Steel
  • 28 → 29 costs 595 Salvage and 335 Steel
  • 29 → 30 costs 645 Salvage and 365 Steel
  • --------------------Refined Gear--------------------
  • 30 → 30* costs 700 Salvage and 395 Steel
  • 30* → 30** costs 800 Salvage and 650 Steel

Salvage is obtained by dismantling unwanted gear (more Salvage from higher level gear).

So far, there are 5 known rarities of gear: common, rare, heroic, epic and legendary. The rarity of the gear you obtain is dependent on your Reputation Level with the hero.

Gear Drops
Reputation Level Common Drops Uncommon Drops
0 Common Common
1 Common Rare
2 Rare Rare
3 Rare Heroic
4 Heroic Heroic
5 Heroic Epic
6 Epic Epic
7 Epic Legendary
8+ Legendary Legendary

Rarity and stats

Gear only bonus

Common gear has an increase in one of the three stats that are attributed to the piece, with a decrease on one of the other two stats. Rare gear has an even further increase in one stat, and likewise a further decrease in the other stat. It's also possible to get rare and higher gear with a moderate bonus to all 3 stats.

It is therefore recommended when building a hero that for each piece, you decide which of the three stats is most important, and which is the least important. The most important stat will then be the one that you look for the largest increase in, while the least important stat is the one you look for the largest decrease in.

For example, a player building an Orochi may decide that Attack is the most important stat of the Weapon Piece 1 (in Orochi's case, the Blade), and that Debuff Resistance is the least important stat. When equipping common and/or rare gear, the player would then choose to equip the pieces that have Attack increased, with Debuff Resistance decreased more so than Exhaustion Recovery. When equipping heroic gear, the player would equip gear that has the greater increase in Attack, the lesser increase in Exhaustion Recovery, and the decrease in Debuff Resistance. Upon Equipping Epic gear the lowest stat on said gear is now the inverse value of the secondary stat. For example, if you took the Orochi's blade from the previous example, he wants the attack stat to be the greatest so that stat might be something around 30% then Exhaustion Recovery is the secondary so this value might be somewhere around 15% and the third stat, Debuff Resistance, might be somewhere around -15%. Keep in mind that this is an example to show the inverse changes, the actual stats might not show the same level of equivalence because, for one, defense and attack are now split 3 ways and the devs have different values for different stats for balance purposes.

Rarity and levels

Gear level rare

Each rarity has a gear level range of 6 and the game does not allow to upgrade past the maximum level for that rarity: 1-6 for common, 7-12 for rare, etc.


Gear Visuals

There are many different appearances, or visuals, of gear for each hero. The visuals are completely cosmetic, and do not affect the perks of the armor/weapon piece. However, not all visuals can be found as common gear. Rare gear has new visuals that could not be found as common gear, in addition to all of the visuals that could be found as common gear. Heroic gear has new visuals that could not be found as either common or rare gear, but also has all of the visuals found as rare and common gear. Therefore, unless any new rarity of gear is discovered, all visuals can be found as heroic gear.

For example, the Kudo Hilt is a common visual for an Orochi. However, the Kudo Hilt may also be found as rare or heroic gear. The Tamura Hilt is a rare visual, but may also be found as heroic gear. The Ikaruga Hilt is a heroic visual, and so may only be found as heroic gear. However recent changes have made it so you can take any visual you’ve ever gotten and apply it to any rarity as long as you’ve acquired the visual before, so getting a common visual you can change a legendary gear to look like default should you’ve gotten the default gear before for said hero, however the visuals do remember the rarity you got them in and so, changing a visual to a higher rarity will have a more expensive price to it in salavage and steel.

A current theory for how many individual visuals there are for a specific hero is that they have 17 different weapon visuals and 9 different armor visuals. There are 3 sets of armor visual for each level (common, rare, heroic) and there are 6 weapon sets that start as common, 4 that start as rare, and 7 that start as heroic. This way, with a gear limit of 60 slots, a player would be able to have every visual of weapon, and the three heroic tier armor sets before reaching the limit. (17 x 3 pieces per set = 51 slots, 3 x 3 pieces per set = 9 slots, 51+9= 60 gear slots)

Star Weapons

Gear star

Each hero also has multiple matching sets of star weapon pieces (unofficially called Legendary gear before the announcement of the legendary rarity). They are marked by a white star to the right of their name, and can only be found for heroes starting from reputation level 3. It should be noted that their perks aren't any better than non-star visuals'.

Lists of Visuals

Knight Visuals

Viking Visuals

Samurai Visuals

*Legendary weapon

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