In Multiplayer, each hero has unique gear that they can equip in customization. Their armor and weapons are composed of three different pieces each, six in total. The armor is made up of the Helm, Arms, and Chest. The weapon's pieces are dependent on the hero, as not all weapons have a blade, hilt, etc.

With the gears comes perks which help grant minor passives to a Hero's kit, granting that much bit more customization to a player's game.


Detailed explanation of the perk system has been published in an official article.

Perks offense
Perks defense
Perks assist

Each gear piece has either one or two perks associated with them. Depending on its rarity and level, a gear piece with have different values for the perks. Rarity affects the maximum perk value a piece of gear can have, while the level will designate how fulfilled or unfulfilled these perks are in value. At Epic and Legendary rarity, all gear will have two perks.

A perk becomes active when the total value for it across all equipped pieces is at least 600. If the value for a perk is below 600, it will not activate. However, the menu will show the potential amount of value a Hero may attain if they maximize their equiped gear, shown in yellow. Even at common rarity, it is possible to have two perks active. At Epic and Legendary rarity, it even becomes possible to have a third perk available for use.

Each Hero has 7 perks designated to them from a perk pool of 21. This perk pool has 7 perks from two of three of the perk groups: offense, defense and assist. Which groups it takes from and its distribution determines the passive play style a Hero may go for. However, a Hero does not have access to all 7 perks from the start, as common rarity gear will only choose 3 perks to start with. With each rarity tier, a new perk becomes accessible. Perk combinations explained in the next tab.

Descriptions of gear perks can be seen in game: Game Menu → Customize → Perk Definitions, or below in the Perk List section.

Perk List

The following is a list of perks from each group. Perks 1 through 2 are Common perks; perks 3 and 4 can be either a Common or Rare perk; perk 5 will always be a Heroic; perks 6 and 7 can operate as either an Epic or Legendary perk. This affects perk combination, as Heroes cannot have certain perks from different groups together.

Take note that buffs such as damage bonuses and stamina reduction won't stack, instead only taking the highest value available.

  • Offense: The perk group that focuses on gaining bonuses on kills, stamina cost reduction and increased damage.
    • Galestorm: Upon Hero kill, gain a 20% movement speed buff for 10 seconds.
    • Devourer: Upon execution, heal an additional 15 health.
    • Early Reaper: Upon Spawn or Revive, your next attack deals 20% bonus damage (even on block).
    • Endurance: When gaining a Renown level, receive 3% Stamina cost reduction (up to 12% reduction).
    • Survival Instinct: When in critical health (under 25 health), gain a 15% Stamina cost reduction.
    • Crush Them: Upon Hero kill, your next attack deals 20% bonus damage (even on block).
    • Head Hunter: For each unique (player/bot) Hero executed, increase max Health by 4 (up to 16 bonus health).
  • Defense: The perk group that focuses on survival either through shields, health or damage resistance.
    • Aegis: All shields received are increased by 20%.
    • Shields Up: Upon Spawn or Revive, receive a 15 health shield.
    • Fresh Focus: When Exhausted, blocks and parries regenerate 20% Stamina.
    • Bastion: When in a zone or carrying a banner/offering, gain 10% damage resistance.
    • Vengeful Barrier: When exiting Revenge, gain a 25 health shield.
    • Last Stand: When in critical health (under 25 health), gain 20% damage resistance.
    • Bulk Up: When gaining a Renown level, increase maximum health by 4 (up to 16 bonus health).
  • Assist: The perk group that covers other areas of combat not covered by the two other groups, such as movement increase, revives and objective based strategy.
    • Radiant Rebound: Upon Spawn or Revive, gain a 20% movement speed buff for 10 seconds.
    • Remedy: Upon Hero kill, heal 10 health.
    • Feline Agility: When gaining a Renown level, gain 4% bonus movement speed for the first level, then 2% for subsequent levels (total of 10% bonus movement speed).
    • Supersonic: When in Revenge, gain a 15% movement speed buff and uninterruptible sprint, persisting for 10 seconds after Revenge ends.
    • Clever Tactics: Capture a zone and take banners/offerings 15% faster.
    • Rising Dawn: You Revive allies to 75% health instead of 50%.
    • Rapid Refresh: Upon takedown or when reviving an ally, Feats' active cooldowns are reduced by 5%.


Gear perks replaced gear stats in the Marching Fire update 2.01.0.

Rarity for a gear determines the possible maximum value that gear can have when fully leveled together with what combinations are available to them.

Gear Leveling

Leveling a gear means the player is granting 20 value to one of the perks the gear has (if it has two).

At Epic and Legendary rarity, there is a possibility for two things to happen to a gear (both can be present on a single gear):

  • One perk to have their maximum value increased, thus increasing the total maximum of that perk by up to 60%. Shown below in italics
  • Both perks receive a ♦, designating that 10 more maximum value points have been granted to the perks. The ♦ is affected by the above doubled value.
    • At Legendary levels, there is an even smaller chance of receiving two ♦ for an additional 10 points each perk. This is not affected by the doubled value, so the total is 50 (30 for double perk, 20 for normal), not 60.
Value Distribution
Rarity Tier Unleveled Value Maximum Value Two-Perk Distribution
Default (Common) N/A (Always maxed) 150 N/A
Common 100 200 100 + 100
Rare 110 210 105 + 105
Heroic 120 220 110 + 110
Epic 130 (245) 230 (345) 115 + 115/230
Legendary 160 (280) 260 (380) 130 + 130/120 + 260

Perk Combinations

Depending on the Gear's rarity, the Gear with two perks will have a certain combination of perks available to them together with how much points is allocated to each perk. As a result, there are a multitude of perk combinations that a Hero can go for, even reaching three total active perks. However, this also means there are a few perk combinations that are not available.

Perk value distribution will be represented with 1 Level being equal to a maxed perk (for example, 200 at common level). While some combinations will note itself as 3 Levels, this just means 3 maxed value will be distributed between the perks noted.

  • Common:
    • 2 Levels in Perks 1, 2 or 3
    • 1 Level in Perk 1; 1 Level in Perks 2 or 3
  • Rare:
    • 2 Levels between Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Heroic:
    • 2 Levels between Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    • 1 Level in Perks 1, 2 or 3; 1 Level in Perk 5
  • Epic:
    • 3 Levels between Perks 1, 2 or 3.
    • 2 Levels between Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    • 1 Levels in Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4; 1 Level in Perks 5 or 6.
  • Legendary:
    • 3 Levels between Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
    • 2 Levels in Perks 1, 2, 3 or 4; 1 Level in Perks 5, 6 or 7
    • 2 Levels between Perks 6 or 7.

Gear upgrade

Gear level is a number displayed in the bottom left corner of the icon. Levels are most important within their rarity category, and should not be compared to the level of gear of other rarities. This is because unleveled gear in one rarity category can be overshadowed by a maxed out gear in a lower rarity tier. As such, unless fully leveled, gears of lower rarity should not be easily dismissed.


Gear level can be increased at the cost of Salvage and Steel. The cost increases based on level:

Price reductions were made; update WIP

  • --------------------Common Gear--------------------
  • 1 → 2 costs 5 Salvage and 10 Steel
  • 2 → 3 costs 7 Salvage and 15 Steel
  • 3 → 4 costs 8 Salvage and 20 Steel
  • 4 → 5 costs 11 Salvage and 25 Steel
  • 5 → 6 costs 13 Salvage and 30 Steel
  • --------------------Rare Gear--------------------
  • 7 → 8 costs 20 Salvage and 35 Steel
  • 8 → 9 costs 25 Salvage and 40 Steel
  • 9 → 10 costs 35 Salvage and 45 Steel
  • 10 → 11 costs 50 Salvage and 50 Steel
  • 11 → 12 costs 60 Salvage and 55 Steel
  • --------------------Heroic Gear--------------------
  • 13 → 14 costs 55 Salvage and 65 Steel
  • 14 → 15 costs 65 Salvage and 75 Steel
  • 15 → 16 costs 80 Salvage and 85 Steel
  • 16 → 17 costs 95 Salvage and 95 Steel
  • 17 → 18 costs 110 Salvage and 105 Steel
  • --------------------Epic Gear--------------------
  • 19 → 20 costs 130 Salvage and 120 Steel
  • 20 → 21 costs 150 Salvage and 135 Steel
  • 21 → 22 costs 170 Salvage and 150 Steel
  • 22 → 23 costs 195 Salvage and 165 Steel
  • 23 → 24 costs 215 Salvage and 180 Steel
  • --------------------Legendary Gear--------------------
  • 25 → 26 costs 210 Salvage and 220 Steel
  • 26 → 27 costs 235 Salvage and 240 Steel
  • 27 → 28 costs 260 Salvage and 260 Steel
  • 28 → 29 costs 300 Salvage and 280 Steel
  • 29 → 30 costs 340 Salvage and 300 Steel
  • --------------------Refined Gear--------------------
  • Epic:
    • 24 → 24* costs 240 Salvage and 200 Steel
  • Legendary:
    • 30 → 30* & 30* → 30** costs 400 Salvage and 325 Steel

Salvage is obtained by dismantling unwanted gear. Dismantling grants higher Salvage, equal to around 5 times the gear level (5 Salvage at level 1 compared to 105 at level 25).

So far, there are 5 rarities of gear: common, rare, heroic, epic and legendary. The rarity of the gear you obtain is dependent on your Reputation Level with the hero and will affect what perks you have access to.

Gear Drops
Reputation Level Common Drops Uncommon Drops
0 Common Common
1 Common Rare
2 Rare Rare
3 Rare Heroic
4 Heroic Heroic
5 Heroic Epic
6 Epic Epic
7 Epic Legendary
8+ Legendary Legendary

Rarity and levels

Gear level rare

Each rarity has a gear level range of 6 and the game does not allow to upgrade past the maximum level for that rarity: 1-6 for common, 7-12 for rare, etc. The only exception being for Epic and above gear, which can be refined.


  • Epic rarity was added in V1.07.
  • Legendary rarity was added in v1.11.

Gear Visuals

There are many different appearances, or visuals, of gear for each Hero. The visuals are completely cosmetic, and do not affect the perks of the armor/weapon piece. However, not all visuals can be found from the start. The common rarity has only a handful of visuals that can be obtained, with further visuals being unlocked by attaining higher rarity gear. Therefore, to receive more visuals, a player needs to level up the Hero's reputation.

Once a visual is attained (each Hero's gear has their own default visual they start with that is among the common visuals), it is possible to apply that visual to another gear. Changing the visual of a gear costs Steel, and will cost more Steel along with additional Salvage when changing rarity tier. Payment is considered with a comparison to the Gear's rarity and the visual's rarity, meaning that changing the appearance of an Epic gear with Rare visuals is more costly than changing among other Epic visuals. A gear cannot apply the visuals that is of a rarity above its own rarity (ie. a Common gear cannot equip Heroic visuals).

Sometimes, lower tier visuals will adapt higher tier values as the gear has a higher tier, therefore having the base cost, not being considered as a lower rarity visual.

Gear Visuals
Rarity Tier Base Cost Tier change Steel Cost Tier change Salvage Cost
Common Rare Heroic Epic
Common 100 Steel N/A N/A
Rare 175 Steel 325 Steel N/A 170 Salvage
Heroic 235 Steel 535 Steel 385 Steel N/A 390 Salvage
Epic 300 Steel 750 Steel 600 Steel 450 Steel N/A 850 Salvage
Legendary 400 Steel 1300 Steel 850 Steel 700 Steel 550 Steel 1000 Salvage

Star Weapons

Gear star-0

Each Hero also has multiple matching sets of star weapon pieces. They are marked by a white star to the right of their name, and can only be found for heroes starting from reputation level 3. Star Weapons are very rare, but can be found among loot drops and other methods of obtaining gear. It should be noted that they do not provide any benefits over non-star visuals, neither do they cost anymore than other visuals of the same rarity.

Like other unlocked visuals, Star Weapon visuals are visible in the cosmetic menu, but will be shrouded in darkness with only its silhouette visible. The Gear has to be obtained in order to see the details of the visual.

Event & Battle Pass Gear

Gear event

During Events and in the Battle Pass, special visuals are accessible and cannot be obtained once the event or Battle Pass is over. Event visuals have a special crest to the right of their name; Battle Pass gear are simply noted as "Battle Pass" gear in their description. Just like Star Weapons, they do not grant any benefits over non-event visuals.

Event visuals are able to be applied to all gear rarities, but are 300 Steel more expensive than the base cost. Meanwhile, Battle Pass visuals can be applied for free.

Lists of Visuals

*Legendary weapon

Knight Visuals

Viking Visuals

Samurai Visuals

Wu Lin Visuals


  • Star Weapons were unofficially called Legendary gear before the announcement of the legendary rarity.
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