A pair of massive stone skulls stand as welcome or warning to those who seek to enter the Viking Capital. Perched high on a hill, the Capital is protected by a defensive gauntlet, built by seasoned warriors to stop attackers from reaching their most valued haven.

Few outsiders have ever made it in to the Viking citadel. None who have succeeded in their invasion have ever made it out.

Overview Edit

The gauntlet serves as the last defense for any major location. But instead of a fortress meant to repel invaders, it is a giant bottle-necked trap meant to wipe out invaders.

The entrance way is a ruin of siege equipments between the two massive stone skulls. But this is the only way into the fortification. The bunker and the seawall sit on the sides of the entrance, called the pit. The pit leads into the killing field, both of which are watched over by various structures platformed a level above. While the killing field is surrounded by both the ledges of the cliff, the surrounding structures include the aforementioned bunker and sea wall, along with a gatehouse, which sits right above the archway that is the pathway towards the capital.

These structures can be accessed from the killing field through stairs and ladders, with bridges serving as a connection between them. Be warned though, these ramparts are bridges are drawbridges, doubling as trap doors. While the drawbridge between the sea wall and bunker will only drop individuals into the pit, the ones from the gatehouse are deadly, as they drop you into oblivion.

In Dominion, the attacking army has arrived, cautiously making their way nervously through the pit of the surprisingly quiet fortress. Unbeknownst to them, the defending army is watching, preparing for an assault from the structures around. Once the attackers have reached the killing field, they let their guard down, only for the defenders to give the signal for an attack. Defending archers on the sea wall open fire as defending soldiers from the capital charge in, and the battle begins.

Sections Edit

  • Entrance
  • Gatehouse
  • Inner ramparts
  • Sea wall
  • Killing field
  • Inner pit
  • Outer ruins
  • City entrance

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Game of Thrones Easter Egg in the form of a crate of three dragon eggs. The Easter Egg can only be found in the Snowy Day variation of the map. In all other variations the chest is closed. After Year of the Harbinger Season 2, the chest location modified to make it easier to find.

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