Very few industries remain in Ashfeld, but the nonstop war machine has a constant need for steel. Weapons, armor, and even the currency all require metal to be melded.

Forges dot the landscape, and they need to work both day and night to meet the unending demand of war. Control the Forge and you will control the tide of war. But be careful, the Forge can be a very dangerous place in its own right.

Overview Edit

The Forge is one giant linear map with the single wide stretch of land along the cliffside that serves as the main battlefield, and another stretch serving as the side lane. The main battlefield is where the mine tracks are, and soldiers can follow them to reach the other side of the map. Attackers have breached the sewers to raid the Forge, while Defenders have come out of the village to defend.

The side path is where the important forgery lie, between the foundry to the central workshop to the watermill. The foundry is where the smelting and forging of steel happens, so there are pits of molten metal that will incinerate anyone who falls into them. In the central workshop, any unfortunate victim who stands under the working hammers will be crushed. And with a bridge built over the water wheels that power the forgeworks, warriors need to be careful not to fall off into the churning waters below.

In Dominion, attackers cannot lay siege to the factory directly as it resides in a village on the side of a cliff. Instead, they found an alternate method in, via the old sewers. The defenders may have even seen it coming if they looked through any of the grates in the ground. The attackers stack barrels of gunpowder against the final grate, tossing a torch onto the barrels and detonating them. The explosion catches the attention of the defenders who immediately prepare for battle as attackers pour out of the sewers.

Sections Edit

  • Attacker sewer breach
  • Old sewer access
  • Mine track mid
  • Mine track attacker
  • Mine track defender
  • Eagle statue
  • Defender courtyard
  • Foundry
  • Central workshop
  • Waterwheel
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