Forests are a common battlefield in Ashfeld, Valkenheim, and the Myre. They’re natural lines of defense and can prove labyrinthine to invading forces.

The most hostile forest is most certainly those that lie in the Myre. It’s an endless swamp that can leave warriors lost and disoriented. When fighting in the forest, be sure to get a proper lay of the land; it might save your life!

Overview Edit

As its name states, the Forest is a map of a Myre forest, with a pagoda tower at its center. The terrain has highs and lows within the mossy muck, with bridges to connect between cliffs above, with some pits with bamboo spikes below.

On one side of the map is a bamboo forest. Cherry blossoms and gigantic trees also decorate the map itself. There even are temple bells here and there, unrung for years if not centuries. On the other side is a cliff, where there is a view of the mountains, the swamp and a waterfall between the two. On this cliff is a Red Shrine, a platform that has part of it collapsed over the cliff, with fallen victims visible below.

Sections Edit

  • Bamboo forest
  • Bamboo bridge
  • Tower
  • Face path
  • Broken bridge
  • Marshlands
  • Red Shrine
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