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Feats are abilities that Heroes can have aside from combat for certain game modes in For Honor.


Every Hero can equip four Feats, one of each Feat rank. However, a freshly bought Hero starts out with only one for each rank, and will have to earn more by leveling up their Hero out of Reputation 1. A Hero can have up to three Feats per Feat rank, which means that any Hero has a total of 12 Feats they can choose from. The selection of Feats are fixed for each Hero, determining the extant of the Heroes' expertise. But the customization is flexible enough for a player to play the Hero in unique ways based on the combination of Feats they have.

For any game mode that allows Feats, the Hero's feats are not all unlocked at the start of every match, and have to be earned progressively by gaining Renown, which can be earned by performing tasks such as killing enemy Heroes or capturing points. Certain Heroes are more specialized towards certain tasks, earning more Renown points from them for Feats than other tasks.

  • Vanguard: Heroes with this renown setup gain more renown when performing activities that suit a leader, such as capturing or defending objectives.
  • Assassin: Heroes with this renown setup are more oriented for fighting other Heroes as they obtain more renown for killing Heroes, winning outnumbered fights or performing kill-streaks.
  • Heavy: Heroes with this renown setup best for team-play and objectives as they earn more renown from helping allied Heroes or holding an objective for the team.
  • Hybrid: Heroes with this renown setup earn renown evenly across all activities.

The first Feat earned is usually a basic but all-around useful Feat (with a low cooldown if it's an active), while the fourth and final Feat will always be a Feat with great effectiveness but a long cooldown.

Some Feats are passives, being automatically applied and constant once unlocked. Other Feats are active, and require the activation of the Feat for it to be used, or even be aimed if a projectile. Active Feats have a cooldown, which is longer the stronger a Feat is.

For more specific information on what Feats a Hero has, go to the respective Hero's article page.


Feat Symbol Description Stats/Notes
Body Count
Passive | Killing a soldier grants you health and stamina.
  • +2 HP and +2 stamina per soldier
Passive | Capture control zones faster, and extend the duration of pickups.
  • +20% boost duration
  • +15% capture speed
Come At Me
Gain more Renown from kills, but take more Damage from Attacks.
  • 25% more damage taken
  • +50% renown
  • +20 HP on kill
  • 30s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Fast Recovery
1 - Fast recovery.png
Passive | Stamina regenerates faster.
  • Doubles your stamina recovery rate
Iron Lungs
1 - Iron Lungs-0.png
Passive | You can still sprint when out of stamina.
Passive | Lose stamina at a lower rate.
  • -16.67% stamina cost/usage
1 - Rush.png
Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration.
  • 30% movement speed increase
  • 10s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Speed Revive
1 - Speed Revive.png
Passive | Rapidly revive fallen teammates.
  • 50% faster revive speed
Throw Farther
1- Throw farther.png
Passive | Throw enemies farther.
  • 50% increased throw distance
Passive | Attacks deal more damage.
  • 15% damage increase
  • Active for 3s after a successful attack
  • 5s cooldown
Bounty Hunter
BountyHunter Icon-0.png
Passive | Gain health & stamina when you kill another hero.
  • Heal 20 HP on kill
  • Restore all stamina on kill
Stealth Icon-0.png
Passive | Hide yourself from the HUD, Radar & Aim Assist.
  • Removes team indicator
  • Removes dot on minimap
  • Cannot be targeted by aim-assisted feats outside guard mode
  • Evades aim-assisted feats in guard mode
Kiai Icon-0.png
Stun nearby players with a scream.
  • 1s stun
  • 3m radius
  • 100% stamina drain
  • Affected players stamina regenerates immediately
  • 105s cooldown
Storm Trap
Trap that damages enemies.
  • 15 dmg
  • 3m radius
  • 60s cooldown
Harsh Judgement
Reduce target's stamina for a short moment.
  • Lowers opponent's stamina by 20%
  • 30s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Rally Call
Passive | When under half health, grant a damage buff to nearby allies.
  • ?m radius
  • 15% damage buff to self and allies when health is under 50 points.
Against All Odds
Nearby allies deal more damage the more enemies are around.
  • 20m radius
  • Deal 5% more damage, + 5% more per nearby enemy
  • Maxium of 25% damage boost
  • 10s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Deadly Duet
Passive | Deal bonus damage to isolated enemies.
  • 20% damage boost when fighting a single enemy (the damage boost is still present when your allies are near the target).
Qi Trap
Set a trap that reveals the position of enemies who pass over the trap.
  • 8m radius
  • 45s reveal duration
  • Does not get consumed upon being triggered, thus has indefinite uses
  • 40s cooldown
Sinister Shield
Grant a shield to an ally by inflicting some damage to yourself.
  • Sacrifice 25 health
  • Targeted ally receives a 30 HP shield for 10 seconds
  • 45s cooldown
Passive | Gain a shield and uninterruptible stance while executing an enemy hero.
  • Gain a 120 HP shield
  • You can still be interrupted by special moves, such as guardbreak
Jotunn Salve
Passive | Gain health when hitting enemy heroes with Jotunn Surge, Farewell, Gift or Grudge.
  • Heal 8 HP on a successful connection
  • Your weapon will glow when the feat is active
Fiery Tusk
Throw a projectile that deals low damage. Deals more damage if the target is burning.
  • Deals 10 damage
  • +10 damage if target is burning
  • 45s cooldown

Feat Symbol Description Stats/Notes
2 - Inspire.png
Nearby allies deal more damage, and soldiers fight faster.
  • 20% damage increase
  • 5m radius
  • 20s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Fiat Lux ("let there be light")
Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds.
  • 4s stun
  • 100% stamina drain
  • 3m radius
  • 45s cooldown
Thrilling Comeback
Thrilling Comeback.png
Passive | When activating Revenge, heal some health.
  • Heals 20 health
2 - Juggernaut.png
You're slowed, but gain damage reduction, slippery and uninterruptible stance.
  • Slowed by 50% and cannot sprint
  • 50% less damage taken
  • Slippery: Automatically counter guardbreak attempts with a counter-guardbreak
  • 10s duration
  • 90s cooldown
Shield Basher
Passive | Shield based attacks and Guardbreak Throws now deal damage.
  • 6 damage per instance
Thick Skin
Passive | Gain moderate damage reduction.
  • 25% less damage taken
  • Active for 3s upon taking damage
  • 5s cooldown
Executioner's Respite
ExecuteRespite Icon.png
Passive | The base healing of Executions are increased by 50%.
  • Short Executions heal for 30 instead of 20.
  • Medium Executions heal for 52.5 instead of 35.
  • Long Executions heal for 75 instead of 50.
Righteous Deflection
Passive | Parry to gain high damage reduction for a short time.
  • 50% less damage taken
  • 5s after parry
  • 10s cooldown
Chilling Stare
2 - Chilling Stare.png
Lower the defense of your target and their nearby allies.
  • Affected enemies take 15% more damage
  • 7.5m radius
  • 30s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Short Tempered
Short Tempered.png
Passive | Upon being hit by an enemy Hero, deal increased damage for a short time.
  • 15% damage increase
  • 5s duration
  • 10s cooldown
Throw a weighted dagger that does damage.
  • 15 damage
  • 30s cooldown
Arrow Strike
Call an arrow strike dealing moderate damage over an area.
  • 3m radius
  • 45 damage
  • 90s cooldown
Shooting Stars
ShootingStars Icon-0.png
Throw multiple shurikens in a fan-shaped spread in front of you.
  • 20 damage per star
  • 5 stars
  • 80° spread
  • 90s cooldown
Marked for Death
2 - Marked for Death.png
Reveal target's position, lower their stamina & defense and increase renown gained upon kills.
  • Enemy takes 25% more damage
  • Enemy uses 25% more stamina
  • Enemy is always visible while feat is active
  • Renown bonus is +50%
  • 30s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Smoke Bomb
2 - Smoke Bomb.png
Throw down a bomb that stuns enemies for a moderate duration of time.
  • 5 second Stun duration
  • 5m radius
  • 100s cooldown
Bear Trap
Set a trap that damages & stops victims in their tracks.
  • Snares for 2s
  • 25 damage
  • 2m radius
  • 120s cooldown
Flesh Wound
Passive | Gain moderate damage reduction.
  • 25% less damage taken
  • Active for 3s after receiving damage
  • 5s cooldown
Doom Banner
Nearby enemies have lower defense while within range.
  • Enemies in range have their defense lowered by 20%
  • 4m radius
  • 30s duration
  • 90s cooldown
Passive Feat| Killing heroes grants temporary attack and defense boosts.
  • 20% more damage dealt
  • 20% less damage taken
  • 10s duration
  • 20s cooldown
Winner's Advantage
Passive | Gain a temporary attack buff after a successful attack.
  • Increases attack by 20%
  • 1.5s duration
  • 5s cooldown
Sacrifice health to heal, restore stamina and cleanse allies.
  • Sacrifice 49 HP (cannot use if below 49 HP)
  • 21m radius around self
  • Cleanses allies of DoT and heals for 30 HP over 24s
  • Restores full Stamina for self and Allies
  • 5s cooldown
Passive | Nearby allies benefit from Sifu's Poise. Effect depends on how long the stance is held.
  • 1.5s startup before starts pulsing
  • Pulses every 1.5 seconds
  • Restores 35 Stamina per pulse
Drop caltrops that deal damage to moving enemies and allies in target area.
  • 2 damage per second to both allies and enemies
  • 6m radius
  • 25s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Teleport behind a Locked enemy and perform a Sun Kick.
  • Perform a Sun Kick, allowing you to perform Sun Kick follow-ups
  • 35s cooldown
Healing Ward
Passive | Slowly gain health while in Bulwark Stance.
  • Heals 5 HP per second.
Tainted Gift
Mark and reveal an enemy hero. If executed, the killer and nearby teammates will regain some health.
  • Heals for 50 HP
  • 6m radius, from victim
  • 30s duration
  • 90s cooldown
Hamarr's Favor
Passive | Gain a temporary shield after landing Hamarr Slam on an enemy hero.
  • 45 HP shield
  • Lasts for 10s
Qilin Ruse
Set a gunpowder trap that explodes and burns targets within its radius.
  • Explodes 900ms after being triggered
  • 6m radius
  • 30 fire damage over 4 seconds
  • 75s cooldown

Feat Symbol Description Stats
Second Wind
3 - Second Wind.png
Recover some of your health.
  • Heals 35 HP
  • Removes bleed and fire when activated
  • 120s cooldown
Pugno Mortis ("fist of death")
Throw an explosive projectile dealing damage over an area.
  • 40 damage
  • 4m radius
  • 150s cooldown
Throws make enemies fall to the ground.
Punch Through
3 - Punch Through.png
Passive | Your block damage is doubled.
Heal on Block
Passive | Blocks and parries regenerate your health.
  • 4 HP healed from blocked hero attacks
Fire a crossbow bolt for medium Damage.
  • 25 damage
  • 60s cooldown
Protected Revive
Passive | Your revive grants allies a shield.
  • 75 HP shield to revived ally
  • 15s duration
Long Bow
3 - Long Bow-0.png
Fire a long bow for moderate damage.
  • 50 damage
  • 120s cooldown
3 - Steadfast.png
Gain immunity from regular throw attempts for a short duration.
  • Enemies cannot throw you
  • Special interaction: Raider's Stampede Charge will also bounce off you while Steadfast is active
  • 30s duration
  • 60s cooldown
Hard to Kill
3 - Hard to Kill.png
Passive | Gain damage reduction which increases the less health you have.
  • 5% damage reduction when below 130 HP
  • 10% damage reduction when below 100 HP
  • 20% damage reduction when below 70 HP
  • 30% damage reduction when below 40 HP
Sharpen Blade
SharpenBlade Icon.png
Attacks inflict low bleed damage over time upon a successful attack.
  • 10 damage over 4 seconds
  • 20s duration
  • 150s cooldown
Slip Through
SlipThrough Icon.png
Passive | Dodging raises attack for the next attack.
  • 30% more dmg dealt
  • 1.5s after dodge
  • 3s cooldown
Nukekubi Icon-0.png
Passive | Gain stamina on successful attacks.
  • +9 stamina on a light attack
  • +15 on a heavy or zone
Raise sprint speed slightly and attack and defense greatly.
  • 15% increased sprint speed
  • 35% increased dmg dealt
  • 35% decreased dmg taken
  • 20s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Boost the attack of your allies and make nearby enemy soldiers flee.
  • Map-wide radius for attack buff
  • 10m radius for soldier intimidation
  • Allies have their attack increased by 35%
  • Enemy soldiers flee from radius
  • 30s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Tough As Nails
Passive | Raises max health when unlocked.
  • +15% max HP
  • Heals you when unlocked (heal increases the more HP you have)
Throwing Axe
Throw an axe that deals medium damage.
  • 25 damage
  • 60s cooldown
Hand Axe
Throw an axe that deals medium bleed damage.
  • 5 damage + 20 bleed
  • 90s cooldown
Throw a javelin for moderate damage.
  • 50 dmg
  • 120s cooldown
Vital Leech
Passive | Life Leech when at low health, increased when at critical health.
  • Heal for 35% of damage dealt when under 50 health
Soothing Mist
Heal allies in an area based on how many enemies are around.
  • 18m radius around self
  • Heals you and allies for 10 HP + 5 HP per nearby enemy Hero
  • Maximum of 30 HP heal
  • Cleanses DoT damage
  • 120s cooldown
Thread of Fate
Bind an enemy. Bound enemy can't run, sprint or roll. Bind is broken over time or by distancing yourself.
  • 15s duration
  • 20m range (?)
  • 60s cooldown
Passive | Heal nearby allies when landing hits from Qi Stance.
  • 12m radius
  • 8 HP heal to self and allies
  • Triggers even when attack is blocked or parried
Oath Breaker
Remove all shields from your target and temporarily prevent them from gaining anymore shields.
  • 10s duration
  • 120s cooldown
Spirit Shroud
Passive | Gain damage resistance after executing an enemy hero. Effect remains until you are killed.
  • Reduces incoming damage by 20%.
Zealot's Bolt
Throw a projectile that deals some damage, knocks back and depletes all stamina.
  • 25 damage
  • Stops stamina regen for 3s
  • 120s cooldown
Fiery Breath
Passive | Deal increased damage to burning opponents.
  • 40% damage boost

Feat Symbol Description Stats
4 - Catapult.png
Call a catapult strike over an area.
  • 40–200 damage (40 at edge of radius)
  • Takes 3s to land
  • 4m radius
  • 180s cooldown
Stalwart Banner
4 - Stalwart Banner.png
Place a banner that heals nearby allies continuously.
  • Heals 6.67 HP every second (average)
  • Removes bleed and fire
  • 4m radius
  • 20s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Morale Booster
Improve the attacks of all alive allies for a short duration.
  • 50% damage increase
  • 30s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Your actions can't be interrupted for a short duration.
  • 30s duration
  • 90s cooldown
4 - Regenerate.png
Passive | Regenerates your health when out of combat.
  • 15 HP every 2s
  • Not active while sprinting, performing actions, in guard mode, or exhausted
Fear Itself
Enemies around you take more damage.
  • Afflicted opponents take 50% more damage
  • 4m radius
  • 20s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Last Laugh
Passive | Drop a high damage grenade when you die.
  • 50–150 damage (50 at edge of radius)
  • Bomb explodes after 1.5 seconds of dropping
  • 5m radius
  • Will not activate if executed
  • 180s cooldown
Igneus Imber ("fiery storm")
Several grenades that deal moderate damage over an area.
  • 20–65 damage (20 at edge of radius)
  • 4 grenades are available before cooldown (10s cooldown between reuse)
  • 4m radius
  • 180s cooldown (only starts after you've expended all charges)
Arrow Storm
4 - Arrow Storm-0.png
Aerial attack that deals moderate damage in multiple areas.
  • Multiple arrow strikes sweeping over the area, starting from closest to user
  • 50 damage from each strike
  • 7.5m radius
  • 180s cooldown
4 - Unblockable.png
Your attacks cannot be blocked for a short duration.
  • 20s duration
  • 150s cooldown
Staggering Blow
4 - Staggering Blow.png
Heavy attacks cause enemies to fall.
  • Also includes throws
  • 45s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Nail Bomb
NailBomb Icon-0.png
A trap dealing high bleed damage in an area of effect.
  • 40 initial damage and 100% stamina drain
  • 75 bleed damage over 10 seconds
  • 4m radius
  • 180s cooldown
Fire Trap
A trap that explodes and creates a lingering fire area of effect.
  • 10–50 initial damage
  • 10 damage per second while burning
  • Burning effect refreshes as long as the target stays in area of effect
  • 3s afterburn
  • 4m radius
  • 15s duration
  • 160s cooldown
Yama Uba
YamaUba Icon-0.png
Gain health on successful attacks.
  • Heals 20% of damage dealt
  • Can heal with bleed damage
Fire Flask
4 - Fire Flask.png
Throw a projectile creating a lingering fire area of effect.
  • 20–50 initial damage
  • 10 damage per second while burning
  • Burning effect refreshes as long as the target stays in area of effect
  • 3s afterburn
  • 5m radius
  • 10s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Activate to auto block grab attempts for a short duration.
  • Automatically counter guardbreak attempts with a counter-guardbreak, if possible
  • 30s duration
  • 90s cooldown
Auto Revive
Passive | Upon death, revive without the help of another player.
  • 50% HP on revive
  • 2s buffer before auto-revive
  • Cannot activate if executed
  • If last alive in the round or when breaking, Auto Revive will not prevent losing the round
  • 180s cooldown
Significantly raise your speed and defense.
  • Take 45% less damage
  • 20% speed increase
  • 15s duration
  • 180s cooldown
All enemies are marked for death and show up on radar.
  • Enemies take 35% more damage.
  • Enemies use 35% more stamina.
  • Marked enemies are always visible for feat's duration
  • 45s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Spear Storm
Aerial bombardment that deals massive damage in a centralized area.
  • Three strikes
  • Deals 70 damage per hit
  • Area of effect increases with each strike
  • 5m radius
  • 180s cooldown
Champion's Aura
Gain an aura which heals you and nearby allies.
  • +3.33 HP every second (average)
  • Removes bleed and fire on heal
  • 6m radius
  • 30s duration
  • 180s cooldown
Passive | Gain a shield upon reaching critical health.
  • 50 HP shield
  • 15s duration after being put under 25 health
  • 25s cooldown
  • Cooldown also resets upon regaining full health
Fiery Barrage
Leaves a circle of fiery sparks around the target that stun all who cross it.
  • 16m radius on ground
  • Enemies who enter or leave the circle are stunned and put into OoS
  • Only usable outside
  • 10s duration
  • 45s cooldown
Mark an enemy. When an ally of the marked enemy gets close to them, both of them will be dealt damage.
  • Medium hit reaction when mark is applied
  • 10s duration
  • 10m radius (?)
  • Deals 10 damage per second when mark is active
  • 120s cooldown
Blessed Projection
Teleport to an Ally.
  • 1.5s startup time
  • Infinite Range, even through walls
  • 80s cooldown
Umbral Shelter
For a short time, generate shields for you and nearby allies. Shields don't stack.
  • 100 HP shield
  • Lasts for 3s
  • Activates twice more, for a total duration of 9 seconds
  • 180s cooldown
Launch an attack that can't be blocked, but deals massive damage, leading to an execution on kill.
  • 200 damage
  • Gain hyper armor during startup
  • Can be dodged
  • 90s cooldown
Twilight of the Gods
Launch a powerful attack that deals some damage and unbalances nearby enemies.
  • 1500ms startup
  • 25 damage
  • 4m radius
  • While in the air, enemies do not regen stamina
  • 150s cooldown
Scorching Deluge
Launch an attack that scorches the ground and sets fires to enemies around you.
  • 16m activation radius
  • 1200ms start-up before scorches land
  • Scorches deal 20 direct damage, together with 40 fire damage over 8s
  • 4m radius AoEs, 10s duration
  • Can only be used outside
  • 135s cooldown

Exclusive Feats

The following feats are those that are only available on a single Hero. The reason for this may be a thematic requirement, such as Shugoki's Staggering Blow, or would only make sense on the Hero mechanically, such as Shaolin's Invigorate which requires the use of his exclusive Stance, Qi Stance. The "Thematic" requirement became apparent with post-launch Heroes, especially with Heroes released from Marching Fire and on who at least received 4 unique feats to themselves.

All other feats are available to at least two Heroes. Some Feats used to be unique to a Hero (such as Lawbringer's Protected Revive or Berserker's Berzerker), but were adopted by Heroes released thereafter.

  • Shield Basher
  • Uninterruptible


  • Crossbow


  • Harsh Judgment
  • Igneus Imber


  • Pugio


  • Neptune's Wrath
  • Boleadoras
  • Roar of the Crowd

Black Prior

  • Sinister Shield
  • Healing Ward
  • Oath Breaker
  • Umbral Shelter


  • Corruption Blade
  • Elixir of Corruption
  • Power of Corruption
  • Corruption Blast


  • Stern Stare
  • Draconite Mist
  • Draconite Bolt
  • Draconite Cleanser


  • Throwing Axe


  • Javelin


  • Spear Storm


  • Hand Axe


  • Jotunn Salve
  • Hamarr's Favor
  • Zealot's Bolt
  • Twilight of the Gods


  • Chilling Stare
  • Steadfast
  • Unblockable


  • Throw Farther
  • Staggering Blow


  • Kunai


  • Fire Trap


  • Shooting Stars
  • Yama Uba


  • Flaming Arrow


  • Deliverance
  • Tainted Gift
  • Spirit Shroud
  • Senbonzakura


  • Kagerou
  • Hikarimore
  • Hikari to Kage
  • Mugen Houyou


  • Rally Call
  • Sacrifice
  • Vital Leech
  • Indomitable

Jiang Jun

  • Against All Odds
  • Benefaction
  • Soothing Mist
  • Fiery Barrage


  • Deadly Duet
  • Caltrops
  • Thread of Fate
  • Infection


  • Qi Trap
  • Blink
  • Invigorate
  • Blessed Projection


  • Fiery Tusk
  • Qilin Ruse
  • Fiery Breath
  • Scorching Deluge

The following Heroes do not have exclusive Feats:

  • Warden
  • Raider
  • Warlord

Story Mode

The Story Mode has its own separate set of Feats that the player can use, up to a total of 13 unique Feats. However, a player can only select two of these Feats to use before the start of a mission, and will be locked to using those two until the mission is over.

Not all Feats will be unlocked at the start; to gain access to more feats and have existing Feats be improved, a player must accumulate points from playing the campaign.

See more on the designated page.

Removed Feats

As the balance of the game has changed, many feats have seen changes to their values or even straight-up reworks. However, some Feats have been outright removed due to having mechanics that the Developers have deemed as not being healthy for the game even in a reworked state.

Currently, there have been four Feats that have been removed from the game.

  • Blissful Rest was a Nobushi-exclusive tier-3 Feat that granted her rapid healing for 5 seconds, healing roughly 40 health per second. Once activated, the healing would continue throughout the duration, essentially making Nobushi invincible for the duration and very likely fully healing Nobushi. Blissful Rest was replaced with the already existing Feat of Second Wind at the start of the Order and Havoc season.
  • Revenge Attack was a tier-2 Feat given to most Assassins (and some Hybrids) that granted the Hero the ability to build up their Revenge meter through successful attacks: 3 on landed Lights and 5 on landed Heavies. This feat allowed Heroes to build Revenge even if the opponent did not attack. In light of the Revenge gain changes made earlier in the year, Revenge Attack was replaced by Executioner's Respite at the start of the Year of Reckoning Season 4.
  • Thick Blood was a tier-2 Feat originally exclusive to Warden before it was also given to Nuxia. Every five seconds, the Hero would have all Bleed removed and become immune to Bleed for three seconds, virtually making the Hero immune to Bleeds. Thick Blood was replaced with Thrilling Comeback at the start of Year of the Covenants Season 1.
  • Rock Steady was a tier-2 Feat exclusive to Shugoki and Aramusha. It allowed the two Heroes to be immune to knockdowns (including OoS and Revenge Knockdowns), with the exceptions being Sprint Attack knockdowns, Sweeps and Jormungandr's Bashes on OoS targets. When faced against some Heroes, Rock Steady fully nullified their Bash pressure, such as with Centurion's Jabs as Rock Steady prevented knockdowns from even a fully charged Jab. Rock Steady was replaced with Short Tempered at the start of Year of the Covenants Season 2, although Rock Steady as a mechanic still exists in the Arcade gamemode as the "Never Stumbles" modifier.