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For Honor Features What Is The Faction War?

The Faction War is the persistent cross-platform conflict between all three factions. Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. It is the reason players are asked to pick a faction at the beginning of the game. All player and bot activity during gameplay (with the exception of Practice Modes and Campaign ) determines the outcome of the Faction War. 

The War Faction map is divided into territories, with each territory divided into smaller sections call Fronts. Fronts determine which maps players will play on. Fronts that have been captured by a specific faction will have that faction's flags and other visuals portrayed on that map. 

A full season in For Honor lasts 10 weeks with the Rounds lasting 2 weeks each, for a total of 5 rounds per Season. The Faction War map is updated every 6 hours. During the season, players will do battle and earn experience, rewards, Steel and War Assets. The map they play on will be determined by the current territory domination.  At the end of the season, the territories will be reset and faction visuals removed. There will be an off-season period before the next season begins. Once the season is over, players will get rewards based on the rank of their faction at that time. 

War Assets are used to determine a faction's ownership of a territory. Players can place War Assets in their own territory to defend it, or place them in an opposing faction in an attempt to help take it. If a player does not place their War Assets, the game will do it for them. At this point, the player will not have the choice of placement.

While players can switch factions any time they want, if they change factions after the first round, they forfeit any winnings they may earn at the end of the season.