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Dokuja (jp: どくじゃ; 毒蛇) is a character that appears in For Honor's single player campaign.


After Apollyon's attack on Koto and the Emperor killed, Apollyon captured and collected all Daimyo and asked one by one if they wanted to overtake the throne. All Daimyo showed their respect and honor, rejecting Apollyon's invitation, and were killed, until Seijuro admitted ambitiously that he'd take the throne. Apollyon lets Seijuro take the throne, leaving four more Daimyo, including Dokuja. Apollyon decides to have the four Daimyo be dumped in the swamp, left to fend against each other.

Ayu searches for Dokuja, wishing to prevent a civil war from occuring between the Samurai Daimyo. Upon being spotted though, Dokuja retreats behind his men, to the docks. Ayu breaks through, chasing after Dokuja before killing him.


Dokuja is described as a selfish man, receiving everything he wanted and never learning what compassion is. Ayu also knows that he was a war criminal at one point.

Dokuja is also quite the coward, fleeing behind his men and only fighting Ayu when she has him cornered.