Hero customization1

There are many options that can help a hero look unique. Players can gear or weapon pieces through looting, as a progression reward or by purchasing using currency earned in-game. These items are often upgrades in different statistics. Players can also receive or unlock color patterns, engraving or more symbols. Players who have picked a faction to represent and created a symbol representing themselves, this symbol can be used during hero customization, generally on the lower armor piece.

Hero CustomizationEdit

The first screen in customization allows players to change out their Helm, Chest, Arms and the various Weapon pieces to preferred ones if unlocked or otherwise gained. A window will show if the item is an upgrade. Players can destroy any old pieces no longer needed in exchange for extra experience.

Berserker armor detail1

Under Appearance, players can change:

  • Outfits - This may be an alteration to the hero's look that includes preset symbols and colors. The options are elite, battle, reputation, and mythic.
  • Traits - This is where players will pick Male or Female.
  • Colors - Players can choose their Neutral, Attacker, and Defender color sets. Sets are in three colors.
  • Materials - This is more of a color choice than a 'material' choice but it changes the texture and/or base color of the primary armor. Players can change which pieces get the change from the Usage tab.
  • Left Shoulder - Change the colors and patterns of the Left Shoulder armor.
  • Right Shoulder - Change the colors and patterns of the Right Shoulder armor.
  • Chest and Back - Change the colors and patterns of the Chest and/or Back armor.
  • Standards - Standards are generally wrapped around the waist and hang down, covering most if not all of the upper thigh either in the front or the back. Players who have created a custom emblem will be able to use it here.
  • Legs - This is not the legs themselves, but either a front or back piece of armor between the waist and knees that is not part of the Standard.

Emblem CustomizationEdit

Players can find their personal emblem to customize by going to Account and then Social from the main menu. Under the Profile tab is the Emblem Editor. Players can create up to four emblems that they can then use on their hero to identify them to other players. It also represents the player as an icon next to their name.

Pinkachu custom emblem from alpha

The emblem consists of a background design, up to 5 symbols and an outline. The background designs are made up of one to three parts, each can be colored using the available palette. The Transform option will allow the design to be resized, rotated, moved or flipped. The symbols can also be transformed and players who used more than one, can decide which ones should sit in front of others by using the 'bring forward' and 'move backward' options. If a player just can't decide on a design, they can use the 'randomize' option to come up with something.