Custom Match overview
Custom Match is a game mode where players can create their own matches with specific players and rules.  The available match types are Dominion , Duel , and Brawl . Players wanting to enter a match with or against friends will need to set up the group prior to using Custom Match.

The group leader selects the game mode, and then the map they or the group wishes to play on. There are currently 6 maps to choose from and 3 environmental variations of each one. A random option is also available, and the game will choose a map. Once a map has been selected, players can enter the map if they choose, or further customize the match by changing the ruleset. Rules include:

  • Auto Add Bots - check on or off
  • Default Bot Ranking - Auto or set a bot level
  • Rounds To Win - Single Round, best of 3, best of 5, best of 9, best of 99
  • Round Timer - 1, 3 or 10 minutes
  • Gear Stats - check on or off
  • Renown - Feats fully on or disabled

Players can also customize the AI (bot) players. More specifically, they can choose which warrior types to fill the team with and what their starting level should be. All heroes are available as bots, even if the player has not yet unlocked them for their own play. There is a Random option on this screen as well. Players can also specify if the bot will be a defender or attacker, or if that choose is to be random. Players skipping the Bots setup will be given a random selection by the game upon launching a match. 

A few more options are available in the Custom Match and these are Damage, Revenge, and Radar. The Damage meter has 5 different settings. These are No Damage, Low, Normal, High, and Lethal. This sets the amount of damage dealt by all Heroes. Checking the Revenge option on or off decide whether or not that mechanic will be allowed. The Radar option allows players to decide whether or not the Radar is visible on the HUD.