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"Some fight for warlords. They fought for an empire. Their might inspired generations of soldiers and struck fear in the heart of their enemies. They are Centurions. Their confidence radiates out to all those who follow them. With their gladius as an extension of their arm and their fist as strong as their conviction. Once the pride of a glorious dynasty, their legend is soon to be rewritten."

Centurions are a playable hero in For Honor.


The Centurion sees the battlefield like a chessboard. Each warrior has their part to play and sometimes sacrifices need to be made. This is the nature of war and the Centurion revels in it! [1]


The Centurion wears a metal face mask, giving him the face of a stoic warrior. He wears a metal musculata curiass and bracers. He also wears a galeae helmet that lacks its iconic decorative crest.


Gladius - This standard issue Roman weapon is perfectly forged for cutting, chopping, and thrusting. Its short blade works well when mixing in the use of his fists to punch his opponent.



  • The Centurion is inspired by their real-life counterparts.
    • Historical Centurions were officers in the Roman army. They were named so because they would lead groups known as centuria.
  • The metal face mask worn by the Centurion was not worn by historical centurions.
    • They were worn by Roman cavalry during training, ritual tournaments or parades (as face protection for the former two), but were never used on the battlefield, evident in they would greatly hinder one's peripheral vision.[2]
  • Historical centurions would wear Lorica squamata, Lorica hamata, or Lorica segmentata instead of the musculata cuirass that is the default outfit for this game's Centurion.
  • In the world of For Honor, it was believed that the Centurions and the empire they came from were lost in the Cataclysm. But unbeknown to most, they have survived and warlords such as Apollyon have met them.
  • Centurion is voiced by Derek Seguin.


  • The execution Pollice Verso was inspired by its historical counterpart.
    • Pollice Verso  is an expression that translates roughly to "turned thumb" and refers to the hand gesture used by Ancient Romes crowds when passing judgement on a defeated gladiator.
    • The expression became notable in 1872, when French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme named a painting after the phrase. The painting causes dispute to this day, as it depicts a peasant giving the "thumbs down" sign to the gladiator. Historians argue about the meaning of the sign, as it was believed to mean spare the life.
  • The execution Ala Iacta Est is a play on the Latin phrase Alea Iacta Est.
    • Alea Iacta Est means 'the die is cast'. Ala Iacta Est means 'the arm is cast,' referring to the loss of the target's arm.
  • The execution ""Veni Vidi Vici" is a Latin phrase popularly attributed to Julius Caesar, where it means "I came, I saw, I conquered."
    • This move is a reference to the movie Troy, specifically the first fight in the movie that is between the protagonist Achilles and Boagrius.
  • The execution "Fortiter et Recte" translates to "Boldly" and Rightly." It is the clan motto of Clan Eliott.
  • The execution "It Takes Guts" may be a reference to a scene in the 2000 historical drama film "Gladiator." Before the final fight that occurs between Maximus and Commodus, the movie's protagonist and antagonist respectively, Commodus embraces Maximus, only to stab him in the side to gain an advantage.
  • The execution "A Spina ad Brachium" is a play on the Latin phrase "per aspera ad astra," which means "through hardship to the stars."
    • A Spina ad Brachium means "Through the spine to the arm."
    • Particularly "A Spina" sounds like a pun to "aspera."
  • The execution "Gladius in jugulum" literally translates to "a sword/gladius in the throat."


  • Latin: "Incredibilis!" - English: (I am) incredible!
    • Jab unblockable punch
  • Latin: "Incontinens!" - English:(I am) unrestrained!
    • Imperial Might unblockable heavy attack
  • Latin: "Īnfirmus!" - English:(You are) weak! / Weakling!
    • Eagle's Talons jump attack, Brutal Beating Execution & Knock Yourself Out Execution
  • Latin: "Etiam!" - English:(In this context) Come on! / Keep going!
    • Eagle's Talons jump attack (non fatal), while backing up
  • Latin: "Pugna non perfecta est!" - English: This fight isn't over!
    • Roman Uppercut Execution
  • Latin: "Movete!" - English: Move!
    • Ala Iacta Est Execution
  • Latin: "Quod non rursum occidas!" - English: Never again will you kill anyone.
    • It Takes Guts Execution
  • Latin: "Illa iacāte!" - English: Throw it there!
    • Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: "Fo spērāte!" - English: Make them fear!
    • Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: "Trāicite!" - English: Send it!
    • Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: "Nunc!" - English: Now!
    • Catapult (enemy)
  • Latin: "Ibi Iacēte!" - English: Hurl it there!
    • Catapult (enemy)

Fighting Style

The Centurion is an in-your-face character, specialized in opening your defense and draining your stamina. They have a lot of fast mix-ups to put pressure on their opponents. However, their range is short, so they need to close the gap and keep the pressure to stay on top of their foes.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Melee specialist
  • Mix-up intensive

Special Capabilities

  • Chargeable punches and heavies that have special properties when fully charged
  • Jab chains and mix-up that allows for offensive pressure
  • Jump attack on unbalanced targets that pins opponents


Number 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Body Count

Passive | Killing soldier grants you health and stamina.

1 - Body Count.png

Body Hunter

Passive | Gain Health & Stamina when you kill another hero

BountyHunter Icon-0.png


Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration

Rush Icon.png

2 Inspire 

Allies and yourself deal more damage, soldiers fight faster

Inspire Icon.png


Passive | Punshes, kicks, and throws now deal damage

Haymaker Icon.png

Centurion's March

Gain unlimited stamina for a short time

Centurion'sMarch Icon.png

3 Second Wind

Recover some of your health.

3 - Second Wind-0.png


A projectile that deals low damage and stuns an enemy for a short time

Pugio Icon.png

Sharpen Bladed

Attacks inflict low Damage over time.

SharpenBlade Icon.png

4 Catapult

Call a catapult strike over an area.

4 - Catapult.png

Stalwart Banner

Nearby allies continuously regain health.

4 - Stalwart Banner.png


Grant a shield to all alive teammates (yourself included).

Phalanx Icon.png



  • Renown: Hybrid - Renown is balanced across activities.
  • Revenge Mode - Boosts Damage and Health. All Attacks are Uninterruptible. Parry and Throws knock enemies down. Attacks are Auto-Parried on activation.
  • Defense: Static - Your Guard Stance remains active in the direction you designate, even when performing a Dodge.

Hero Specific

  • Jab - Press or Hold MMB (PC), X (XB1), or ⬜ (PS4) after a Parry Counter, Eagle's Fury or any basic chain attack (including Chain Finishers, hit or blocked) to initiate a Jab. Holding this move allows for variable timing.
    • Charging Phases - Charging a Jab has two phases, and has to be fully charged for the Jab to receive the Fully Charged Jab properties. If the attack is only in its first phase when released, Centurion will initiate a normal Jab.
    • Fully Charged Jab - If the Jab is fully charged, it will have Uninterruptible Stance, stun the opponent, deal increased Stamina damage and knock the opponent onto the ground. Fully Charged Jab is a Chain Finisher, although Centurion can perform immediately Eagle's Talon on the grounded opponent.
    • Charged Jab Cancel - Jab can be cancelled with the feint button (B for XB1, E for PC, 〇 for PS4).
    • Pin to Jab - Centurion can perform a Jab upon pinning pinning an opponent with Lion's Pounce or Imperial Might.
  • Charged Heavy Attack - Hold RMB (PC), RT (XB1), or R2 (PS4) when initiating a basic chain Heavy Attack to finish a chain with a Charged Heavy Attack. Holding this move allows for variable timing.
    • Charging Phases - Charging a Heavy Attack has two phases, and has to be fully charged (the second phase) for the Heavy Attack to receive the Fully Charged Heavy properties and become Lion's Pounce. If the attack is only in its first phase when released, Centurion will initiate a normal Heavy Attack.
    • Lion's Pounce - If a Heavy Attack is fully charged, it will receive increased damage and pin the target momentarily.
    • Imperial Might - If a Heavy Finisher is fully charged, it will become Imperial Might, receiving Unblockable properties on top of the properties given by Lion's Pounce.
    • Charging Heavy Attack: Chain End - Lion's Pounce and Imperial Might are Chain Finishers, but can be followed-up with a Jab if the move lands (hit or blocked).
    • Charged Heavy Cancel - Press MMB (PC), X (XB1) or ⬜ (PS4) during the charging animation of Lion's Pounce or Imperial Might to cancel into a Guardbreak. For Imperial Might, this can still be performed even when Imperial Might has become unblockable. Charged Heavies can also be cancelled with the feint button (B for XB1, E for PC, 〇 for PS4).
  • Lion's Roar - Upon guardbreaking a target, perform up to three Light Attacks to initiate a pommel-bash maneuver that will drain the target's Stamina.
    • Timed Bash - The Light Attacks in Lion's Roar require proper timing to perform. If performed too slowly or too quickly, the inputs will not register, leading to a automatic counter-guardbreak.
    • Lion's Roar Cancel - Centurion can cancel Lion's Roar without being counter-broken by throwing his target. This cannot be performed once all three hits have been initiated.
    • Guardbreak Heavy - Initiating a Heavy attack upon guardbreaking a target will lead into a Heavy Opener. This Heavy attack is guaranteed unless it's fully charged.
  • Eagle's Talons - Initiate a Jump Attack when there is an Unbalanced enemy around by pressing RMB (PC), RT (XB1), or R2 (PS4) near them. A successful Jump Attack will pin the target to the ground, while replenishing Centurion and the victim's Stamina.
    • Fury to Talons - When locked onto an Unbalanced enemy, it is also possible to initiate Eagle's Fury to perform Eagle's Talons.
    • Eagle's Talons Cutscene - Upon performing a successful Jump Attack, a cutscene will ensue. If his target is still alive, Centurion will back up while taunting his target. If the target has died from the Jump Attack, Centurion will dig his Gladius a bit deeper into his target's corpse before pulling it out.
    • Interrupted Cutscene - If Centurion performs a delayed Jump Attack, he will inflict damage but will not pin his target. This also happens if he is interrupted midway through the Jump Attack cutscene animation.
    • Eagle's Talon on Special Knockdowns - Certain knockdowns will not count as actual knockdowns for the purpose of initiating Eagle's Talon. The list of knockdowns with this property is as follows: Gryphon's Dauntless Chase, Shaman's Predator's Mercy, Shugoki's Demon's Embrace and Demon Ball and Nuxia's Jade Ballet.
  • Knockback Kick - Press MMB (PC), X (XB1), or ⬜ (PS4) after any throw to follow up with a Legion Kick.
    • Kick Combo - Upon performing a Legion Kick on an opponent, Centurion can either lead into a Light Opener (only if the Kick lands) or a Heavy Finisher.
  • Combo Starters - The Light attack in Legion Kick Combo and Jab Combo are counted as Light Openers. Eagle's Fury (including Alternate) counts as a Heavy Opener.
  • Guardbreak Throw Combo - Upon throwing an opponent from a guardbreak, Centurion can either lead into a Light Opener, Heavy Finisher or a Legion Kick.
  • Parry Counter Opener - Parry Counter acts as an Opener, thus can chain into a Chain Light, a Heavy Finisher or a Jab.
  • Zone Attack Cancel - Centurion can cancel his Zone Attack after the first and second strike with B (XB1), E (PC), or 〇 (PS4).


(From Guard Mode)

Type Name PC XB1 PS4
Chain Attack icon.png Charged Heavy Hold/Release RMB Hold/Release RT Hold/Release R2
Chain Attack icon.png Lion's Claws LMB, LMB, LMB RB, RB, RB R1, R1, R1
Chain Attack icon.png Lion's Fangs LMB, LMB, RMB RB, RB, RT R1, R1, R2
Chain Attack icon.png Lion's Bite RMB, RMB RT, RT R2, R2
Chain Attack icon.png Lion's Jaws LMB, RMB RB, RT R1, R2
Uninterruptible Stance icon.png Eagle's Fury (Not in Guard Mode) ↑ + RMB LS↑ + RT LS↑+ R2
Uninterruptible Stance icon.png Eagle's Fury Alternate W, Space, RMB LS↑, A, RT LS↑, X, R2
Unblockable icon.pngPush Back icon.png Legion Kick W, Space, MMB LS↑, A, X LS↑, X, ⬜
Unblockable icon.pngPush Back icon.png Legion Kick Combo W, Space, MMB ♦, LMB LS↑, A, X ♦, RB LS↑, X, ⬜ ♦, R1
Unblockable icon.pngPush Back icon.png Legion Kick Heavy Combo W, Space, MMB, RMB LS↑, A, X, RT LS↑, X, ⬜, R2
Unblockable icon.pngStun icon.pngPush Back icon.png Jab LMB or RMB Hit or Block, MMB Hold/Release RB or RT Hit or Block, X Hold/Release R1 or R2 Hit or Block, ⬜ Hold/Release
Unblockable icon.pngStun icon.pngKnocked Down icon.pngUninterruptible Stance icon.png Charged Jab LMB or RMB Hit or Block, MMB Hold RB or RT Hit or Block, X Hold R1 or R2 Hit or Block, ⬜ Hold
Unblockable icon.pngStun icon.pngPush Back icon.png Jab Combo LMB or RMB Hit or Block, MMB ♦, LMB RB or RT Hit or Block, X ♦, RB R1 or R2 Hit or Block, ⬜ ♦, R1
Timing.png Lion's Roar MMB ♦, LMB, LMB, LMB X ♦, RB, RB, RB ⬜ ♦, R1, R1, R1
Unblockable icon.pngPush Back icon.png Parry Counter Parry icon.png, MMB Parry icon.png, X Parry icon.png, ⬜



Requiescat In Pace


Rampage Of Ragnarok


Cheaty Flute


Blow Your Own Horn


Harpy Hey Joe


Lute Not


Sylvan Vaporization


Horkos Pharmakos


Sylvan Metamorphasis


Revenant Slayer


Ulfhednar Killer


Shiryo Avenger


Jiangshi Banisher


Minified And Put Aside


Minified And Magnified


Minified And Stomped


Minified And Kicked Away


Wolf Among Sheep


Ilma's Scythe


Cane You Feel It


Brought You A Gift


Chimera Salvation


Blades of the Vanguards


Resounding Defeat


Deadly Hare


Sylvan Detachment


To The Great Beyond


Feast Upon The Weak


The Masquerade Is Over


Unquenchable Wolf


Farewell, Chimera Music Box


Farewell, Chimera Zither


Farewell, Horkos Bagpipe


Farewell, Horkos Violin


Wrathful Concision


Willful Concision


Sorrowful Concision


Artful Concision


Passive Stance


The Bard's Instrument


Sword In The Stone


Ready To Rumble


Volcanic Destruction Blast


Jack O Lantern


Leap Of Faith


Penguin Walk


Vortiger's Ascent


Shadows of the Hitokiri


Zhanhu's Fire


Dubious Assessment


One Of Your Shrugs


Howl At The Moon


Confused Warrior


Skeptically Swaying


Horkos Grimoire


Sylvan Book


Sylvan Meditation


In ChaRAHcter


Muscular Archer


Muscular Biceps


Message Board


Sylvan Panacea


Selfish Drinker


Chimera Bagpipe


Chimera Music Box


Chimera Violin


Chimera Zither


Horkos Bagpipe


Horkos Music Box


Horkos Violin


Horkos Zither




Raising Glasses


Suspended Gong


The Bodhran


The Field Drum


Suspicious Tumbleweed


Elegant Dance

Fighting Stance


Snowball Fight!





Benedicto Militis


Death By Catapult


Passive Stance


Down The Hatch! (Knight)


Rub Salt In The Wound (Knight)


Banner Of Arms (Knight)





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Shinobi - Aramusha - Hitokiri - Kyoshin

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